Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Making the first move.

All things considered, it's not been too bad a day today. The morning started with the usual clean up - Hoovering, Mopping, Dish washing etc. Then I took Tiegan out as we ran a few errands together, before returning home and setting everyone up to do "school".

Not such a positive vibe from the eldest 2 today. Plenty of eye-rolling and huffing and puffing when asked to go to the table. I said something to them today that I promised myself I would never say, "You just don't know how lucky you are!" *scream*. After a rant about how many children would love to be able to stay at home, and how they knew the choice was theirs if they wanted to go school, the dear darlings settled down quite nicely. I, on the other hand, sat cross at myself for saying such things.

After maths (Joseph), literacy (Chelsea), and handwriting practice (Tiegan, who incidentally NEVER moans about doing schoolwork and actually begs to do more!) we read a few pages of Anne Franks Diary.

Then it was time for lunch, after which I set out to achieve one of my New Year resolutions.

- Make more effort to meet new people and keep in touch with friends.

I took Callum off to a new Mother and Toddler group that has started up in the village. Eeeek. All those new people! Will Callum behave with the other children?! Will the other children accept him? Do I have to walk into a room full of strangers and have everyone turn to check on the newcomer with curious stares?!

Erm, not quite.

In fact, there was only me there! Well, me and the group leader of course. A very nice lady she was too, with an 8 month old (very very gorgeous) daughter. Callum was in his element with all the wheeled things there - cars, pushchairs, trains, fire-engines, nee-nah nee-nahs (ambulances and police cars to you and I), etc. He was exceptionally well behaved, and it was oddly lovely to sit down and have a long natter with a stranger. By the end of the 2 hours I was feeling very relaxed and almost reluctant to go back home! I did apologise for my endless rambling which I tend to do when I'm nervous. Of course, it didn't really help that there were just the 2 of us and I didn't want any of those awkward pauses. I did get invited back though, so I can't have been that bad (or maybe she was just desperate for members?)

Home again to find that peace had certainly not broken out in the household and both Chelsea and Joseph had totally driven their dad bananas in my absence. It's a shame that my relaxed feeling didn't last for very long as I was playing referee and listening to all sides of the story. After agreeing with their dad that their behaviour was indeed unacceptable, I threw all of the ingredients for a Macaroni Cheese into the Crock Pot and bundled Chelsea out the door with me to take Kira for a walk. How I love that pot.

During the walk, Chelsea and I had a few discussions about how things were going and what her thoughts were on our emerging family routine. She told me things that she would like to see changed, so we had a family meeting after dinner and discussed a few of the raised issues. Joe suggested that each of them have a file or box of work that I wish them to do each day, so that is something I am going to work on tonight. Sometimes the children are ready for work before I have finished the few morning chores, and they would like to get on with what they can instead of hanging around waiting for me. This is something I had thought of in the past, but had never got around to putting into practice. As it was suggested by one of the children, hopefully the idea will be better received by them. I am fed up of trying ideas and routines and always failing. How difficult it is to find things that actually work for us.

Today has been another one for me to look at my priorities, and I have stepped down from being Chief Designer on a crafting team. The time needed to fulfill the role I found a struggle to find, and I no longer felt I could give it 100%. I'm an all or nothing sort of person, and if I don't think I can offer full commitment at something then I would rather not do it at all. I am fortunate in that the "boss lady" understood completely and was actually going through the same priorities all wrong sort of feeling herself.


  1. Anonymous12:13 pm

    It seems everyone is assessing proirities about now. I cutting my pc time(she types on her keyboard), and trying to read more. We know our limits!
    Glad the group went ok, hopefully you will gradually meet other members.
    ((hugs)) for the stressful stuff.
    I hate the feeling of forever trying new things and failing it is frustating. We have used a tray for each of the girls for a while now and *touch wood* its been successful.
    Sorry to hear about the bickering. I was guilty of throwing the S word at the girls this week too when they thought thay had it so tough :( But we have to keep in mind that its our duty to educate or let a school do it and sometimes they HAVE to produce something,lol.

  2. Thanks for that Carol :) A much better day was had by all today I am pleased to report.