Sunday, January 27, 2008


The weather here in Devon has been glorious today. The sun has shone, and it has been so mild. When we saw how beautiful it was, we knew we couldn't spend the day indoors. So after breakfast we all headed off for a stroll around Torquay. I wanted to check to see if I could find a knitting magazine I wanted, and Callum (2 year old) wanted to go to see the boats in the harbour.

Whilst looking around the shops I treated myself to two new crafting books (as well as the knitting magazine) - Bags, Bags, Bags (a bargain at £4.99), and The Book of Crafts (£2.99). Both look rather inspirational, and I can't wait until the kids are in bed and I can have a good ol' gander.

Once we had run out of shops to explore, we took Callum down to the harbour to see his beloved boats. I was armed with my camera, so prepare to be bored with pictures from our day.

Torquay Harbour...

The Marina...

Along the Seafront...

The Sun was bright :o)

but the sea was oh so calm.

This little fella was enjoying a stroll in the sunshine too...


  1. Glad you enjoyed your day out. The photos are sensational!

  2. What lovely pictures! Glad you enjoyed your day out:)

  3. so which knit mag did you buy and are you on ravelry?

  4. Thanks Linda and jenny.

    Jax, I bought Simply Knitting, but only 'cos I wanted the free gift of the stitch markers. Nice Debbie Bliss cardigan pattern in there though, and I like the polymer clay article at the back.

    As for Ravelry, funnily enough I've just joined tonight. Apparently my invite had been sent on December 6th but I had missed it *blush*.

  5. Anonymous8:26 am

    I love your pictures, very well taken.
    I havent been to Torquay in such a very long time, looks lovely.

  6. I haven't seen Torquay in years. Still beautiful and your piccies have such a serene quality.

    The little warm spells here and there are making me feel very springlike - hence attempting to clear out lol!

  7. Fabulous pics, well down. Torquay looks as lovely as when P and I stayed for a holiday about 17 years ago. Elle