Monday, January 07, 2008

Weekend Catch Up

Saturday was another cleaning day. I hand-scrubbed the floors and woodwork of the kitchen, hallway and lounge. We took down the Christmas decorations, and once again the lounge feels larger and lighter now that we have regained the space where the tree was. We then spent a lazy afternoon recovering, watching family films and playing games.

Yesterday we had a day out with the dog. Kira is very protective of her family (and me in particular) which ordinarily isn't a problem. There are times though when her behaviour just isn't acceptable (like when she frightened a young chap half to death because he stood slightly too close to me whilst at the pelican crossing...) To try to overcome this, we decided to take her out to busier areas again. We used to take her regularly to the nearest town, but they have numerous pigeons around the main street and Kira would go bananas trying to chase them. Everyone would stare at the silly dog making such stupidly loud barking and whining, it was quite embarrassing. It was easier for us to avoid taking her, and we stuck to going to Dartmoor, the beaches or around our village and avoided the larger towns. But yesterday we were brave and took her to Exeter town centre. She was a little star. Granted nobody tried to touch her (her biggest problem is with strangers trying to stroke her), but she waited with me outside the sports shop for ages whilst dh was trying on trainers. She had to put up with a nearby merry-go-round, pigeons, people eating hot dogs and pasties right nice to her, and people throwing footballs around. We will definitely start taking her out to towns more as the new experiences did her the world of good, I was so proud of her. We came home and I prepared all the veg for dinner, before taking Kira out for a nice long off-lead walk to the park. It was raining but still enjoyable.

I am sat here waiting for the delivery our our new crock pot to arrive. I can't wait. I'm hoping it does indeed come today as I have stew ingredients all ready and waiting to try it out :o) We have also got a new kettle. It's very pretty and I love it (so sad). It changes colour and everything! Oh, yes, it even boils water ;)

Today we are starting our "new term" so to speak. Actually, it's tomorrow when the real work begins as Monday's are our family days, but it's good to start getting back into the normal routine again. Chelsea, Joseph, and Tiegan are down in the arts and crafts room doing some art work, whilst Callum is looking at things on the internet with me. We have got reading planned for this afternoon, and then family game playing. Bingo today I think, don't know what else.


  1. have you got a link for the slow cooker, Jules?

    And you should pop in to pick up those maths books if you're in Exeter again, I keep meaning to bring them over to you but just haven't travelled that way recently.

  2. Well done to Kira, that's excellent news. :-)

    We have got one of those colour changer kettles too (Russel Hobbs), it goes from Charcoal to cream when the water inside is hot..
    Now that its old it doesn't change back to charcoal all that quickly but it still boils water really well! ;-)

    Good luck with the crock pot, hope it comes today.


  3. first day of 'term' here too. look forward to hearing about the crock pot.

  4. Sarah, link added in today's posting.

    Lin, your kettle sounds cool too :o)

    Dawny, good luck with the new term, hope all goes as planned for you.