Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Busy Days

On Friday we met up with very good friends in the park and thoroughly enjoyed chatting for a couple of hours whilst the children played. My dad came over to work on our car and prepare it for it's MOT.

Saturday was spent working on various activities. I did a bit of crafting, as did Chelsea, Tiegan and even Callum. Joseph spent time doing some work for his cub badges. My parents came over in the afternoon and dropped the bombshell that they are planning a move to Spain. They have had a holiday booked there for a few months, but have now announced that the time will be spent looking at properties and getting a feel for the place. They have a definite idea of where they want to be, as they have friends out there already. At the same time my parents said that my brother was near to finalising a deal on a fantastic sounding house over in Egypt.

On Sunday Joe headed off on a coach to the St Georges Day parade and service at Buckfast Abbey, leaving the rest of us at home. It was his last parade as a Cub, and as a sixer he had the privilage of carrying a flag, which I think he enjoyed. In Joe's absence, the rest of us took a long walk with Kira, played around on PSP with some photos, and talked about what life will be like without any family nearby.

Yesterday dh and I had a long chat about our future. Without my parents here, I feel as if there is nothing really keeping us in this area. We have looked at moving in the past, but it always got put on hold as I didn't want to leave my parents and take their grandchildren away from them. Now that my parents have made the decision to leave, it has opened up a whole new trail of thought, especially as my brother won't be here either. Dh has always longed to move back to the North which he still considers as his home. In the (almost) 13 years that we have been married, he has never been able to persuade me to move there despite his best efforts, but I feel the time has come to give in and think of his happiness for a change. He has 3 brothers up there that he hardly ever sees, and his dad of course. I am nervous, but excited at the thought of starting afresh. These past few years here haven't exactly been happy ones for us for various reasons and I have become very lonely. A new fresh start maybe just what we all need, and I'm looking forward to facing all the challenges that will no doubt go along with it.

Today, we had the fantastic news that the car has passed it's MOT!!! Hurray! It feels like such a long time since I've driven, I think I've forgotten how ;o) Sad to say we are over £600 lighter and have a very empty bank account, only just managing to pay this months rent! But we have wheels again which feels good :o) Whilst dh was doing the all important test sorting, the children and I were trying to concentrate on schoolwork. We did a few pages of the MEP maths, a bit of artwork, science discussion, and have made a start on Tiegan's "word tree", where we will add a leaf to the tree for each new word she learns. It is something I did with Joseph, and found that he enjoyed seeing his own progress in such a visual way.

I have managed to join the MADCOW list for the Manchester district home-educators and have been very pleasantly surprised by the amount that seems to be going on up there. I have also been very reassured by how friendly those that I have communicated with so far have been. Such a relief :o)


  1. Glad the car passed its MOT ok.

    Glad the Manchester HEors seem friendly, its just what you need. :)


  2. er - wow! to the move. I'm sure it will work out really well, sounds as though you're making positive starts with the HE lists already, you'll get lots of advice on localities from them I'm sure. Just make sure you keep blogging! Do you have a timescale in mind?

  3. How exciting to be planning a move,must have been quite a shock hearing your parents and brothers news, but new doors are opening:-))
    Good luck with your plans xx

  4. Roslyn8:51 pm

    How exciting for you all. I really hope you manage to find the happiness and friendships you need.

  5. Jules... so much going on in your life! I had the pleasure (and stress!) of home educating my DD for a year when she was 10 due to persistent bullying at school. We had our ups and downs, but by the time we moved to Devon ( a couple of years ago) and she went back into the local state school, she was leaps and bounds ahead of her peers!! She needed the 'social' aspects of conventional education and has remained in school, but HE was fabulous for us and really bonded our family unit.
    I don't envy you the move, but I have my fingers crossed for you that this new chapter in your lives will be all that you hope for.
    Good luck, Hugs, Rosie