Monday, April 14, 2008

Getting Back on Track

With all the bugs and stuff that we have been suffering with over the past few months, it appears 2008 has got off to a pretty slow start for us.

We have been pretty much back to full health for a few weeks now, which is a relief. We have been struggling to get back into our "school" routine though, but I think we are getting there.

Yesterday I sat and talked through things with the children as to our goals and expectations. We also discussed the topics that they may like to work on and they came up with:

- The history of Pompeii (sparked off by good ol' Dr Who on Saturday!)
- A project on Italy, to include landmarks, foods, populations, events in history, famous people etc.
- The Olympics; History of, events, countries, etc. They want to do a running report on the 2008 olympics, with details of teams and results etc. We are also going to hold our own Olympic re-enactment in the garden and park ;-)
- Space exploration through the ages.
- A more in-depth study of the Human Body.

I have set up another blog (I won't link to it yet as there is nothing on it) that will include details of our plans and work, and a list of resources we used, in case they are of any use to anyone else.

We are still without a car which is a bit of a pain in the backside as I feel as though we are missing out on a few meet-ups which is a shame. Still, we have been enjoying our life as it stands, with nice picnics and walks with Kira, which incorporate exercise and nature study. Next time we are going to go armed with sketch pads and various media to do some artwork, we are just waiting for a dry day.

We went to the local library this morning and stocked up on a variety of books. I got a couple about Nature as it is something I know little about but would love to know more. Chelsea is sat next to me as I type this, reading about ancient mummies and telling me all that she is learning as she reads.

I'm hoping to get back into the swing of blogging again as I've missed having that record to look back on.


  1. Yay, you're back. Good. Missed you!

    Thanks for your recent comments on my blog. Dyl is still in a bad way but that's expected really. It's tough on the kids though...

    Good to see Doctor Who being so education, I got asked a fair few questions about Pompeii too, lol!


  2. Aww, poor Dyl, (((hugs))) to you all hun xx

  3. Hi,
    just left a reply to your comment and popped over on my usual daily trip,so glad to see your back;-))
    Dr Who has slotted in nicely with us as Emily and I are re reading the Roman mysteries series. xx

  4. Anonymous1:39 pm

    Glad you are backand all feeling better.

  5. Hi JUles!!!! Hadn't seen this blog before today... looking forward to reading it and looking forward to the other one!!!
    Have a nice day!