Thursday, April 17, 2008

Phew it's hard work

all this planning stuff. I have spent what seems like the entire day at the laptop finding new websites, printing out various worksheets, posters, and snippets of information and ideas, all in preparation of the new "term". I think I was hindered somewhat by having an extremely enthusiastic 6 year old "helping" me. Tiegan was completing the worksheets almost as fast as the printer was printing them! Still, it's so nice to see her happy and working :o)

I have had to put some thought into how to best entertain Callum, as he very much wants to be involved in our schooling now. He is currently fascinated by shapes, so I have printed out some colouring and activity sheets just for him to do (with a little help of course!) I have also printed and laminated some shape flash cards, and some posters for the walls. I'm going to put together a little art and craft box for him as well. Now we are working in the craft room, there is lots of desk space for each of us to work at, so Callum will be able to spread his creativity far and wide ;-) He is also going through a real story obsession at the moment, and is liking nothing better than snuggling up with me (and often one of older siblings) whilst I churn out book after book. Once each one has been read, we talk about the story and what we thought of it, and then he will say "another book pwease" in that adorable way that only little people can. He is also going through the "But why....???" phase, and always has us laughing no matter how many times he says it, he is just too cute to find annoying.

Joseph has spent most of his day out in the garden with his dad today. They have been building a couple of planters (in the shape of a wheelbarrow and wishing well), and then they gave the garage a thoroughly good clean and tidy up. I do like it when they have "boys time" together, as Joe seems to get such a lot from it. I leave them to it as much as possible, just interrupting to provide tea and biscuits which they don't seem to mind.

I'm heading off in a minute to collate all the sheets I've printed off into the various folders. I think I'll do it in front of the TV with a cuppa :o)


  1. Aw, I love that age when the little ones are learning to talk.

    Good luck with the rest of your planning. That's what I was supposed to be doing this week but its been distraction after distraction - I blame the sunshine and the beach, lol! :)

  2. Anonymous8:54 pm

    Sebs at the 'But why? ' stage, its so cute.

    hope your planning goes well.