Monday, April 28, 2008

We are on the Move!

Well, planning to be anyway :o)

My parents came over to see us on Saturday, and announced that they are planning on moving to Spain. Then my brother phoned and announced that he is planning on moving to Egypt!

There is nothing else keeping us in Devon, apart from a couple of lovely friends who will be greatly missed. We have often discussed moving, but the thought of moving away from my elderly parents has always held us back.

I personally would consider a move anywhere in the country, but dh has his heart set on heading back to the Cheshire/Manchester sort of area, so it looks as if that's where we may well end up.

My one stipulation is that we are somewhere with other home-educators/groups as that will be the easiest way of us making new friends. I don't like the thought of dh being out at work all day whilst I'm home all day with the children playing billy-no-mates.

If anyone has any ideas on areas, that would be fab. I've been trying to find details of the MADCOW group but the website is on a major go slow and the email form doesn't seem to be going through. If anyone can help I'd be ever so grateful.

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  1. Gosh Jules that must have been such a shock!

    We'll miss you!