Monday, May 26, 2008

Blah blah blah

We are plodding along quite nicely here, with nothing special to report.

I have just dropped dh and Joe at the train station as they are heading to Wembley today for the football play off final. The rest of us have been looking at the falling rain and dull weather and wondering what to do with ourselves.

My parents are in Spain as I type. They have viewed a couple of properties out there, one of which is gorgeous with a swimming pool which raised great excitement for the children :o) No offers have been made though, so we are still playing the wait and see game.

The weeks are flying by and things are going well. We have found a great routine that is working for us (at the moment, I bet I've jinxed it now!) With structured lessons/work (mainly numeracy and literacy) taking place most mornings and the afternoons being set aside for "fun" things such as the arts and crafts, science experiments, baking, nature studies, etc etc. I have become scarily organised, so we no longer have to spend an hour searching for pens, paper, reading or workbooks. Everything now has it's own permanent place, and each child has his or her own file.

Tiegan is a little star and very much following in Chelsea's footsteps when it comes to her work ethic. She thinks nothing to trot off to get her workbook (maths being a favourite) and sitting doing a few pages on her own accord, as she did on both Saturday and Sunday! She has a real thirst for things, and thrives on doing her "schoolwork".

Chelsea has gone back to her arty phase, and is often to be found with a sketch book in hand. Some of her drawings are brilliant, and I hope it is something she continues to enjoy. She has started writing to a few penfriends and has been enjoying writing letters and making things to send to them.

Joseph is still footy mad and we sometimes struggle to find anything else to interest him! He has an amazing amount of retained facts and figures relating to the sport, and I am often stunned by some of the things he comes out with. He easily holds his own when chatting with my footy mad dad, and it's lovely to see them often engrossed in conversation together. Joe also adores quiz/game shows, everything from Who wants to be a Millionaire, to Junior Mastermind, from The Weakest Link, to The Kids are Alright. He sits playing along with them and we are often surprised at the level of general knowledge he has in his head. We have been known to turn to him when we are stuck on one of the questions on the Millionaire Wii game *blush*.

Callum is almost three! Where does the time go, I really can't believe that I no longer have a baby in the house. He is a real chatterbox, nattering away all day. He adores his elder siblings, and calls them "the guys", which always makes us chuckle. He is extremely affectionate, and often gives us kisses and cuddles at random throughout the day. Whilst waiting for an orthodontist appointment for Chelsea last week, he had the waiting room crowd coo-ing at him as he announced "I love you mum" outloud for no apparent reason other than it just had to be said. Bless. He seems to be following the girls in his thirst of "work" and is often found sat with Tiegan as she is doing her workbook and counting alongside her.

Well, we are going to brave the weather and head off out somewhere, probably shopping :o)

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