Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Enjoying the Weather

There hasn't been a lot going on here as the weather has just been soooo glorious, I couldn't bear to be inside. Our lessons have been taking place outdoors, with reading and comprehension, nature study, art, and a bit of gardening ;o)

Here are a few pictures of our day yesterday, most of which was spent just making the most of the warm sunshine as I knew it wasn't going to last!

We had the little paddling pool out for Callum, but Tiegan and the dog enjoyed it too :o)

There was lots of trampoline bouncing...

More pool playing...

and some resting in the shade...

I've just noticed that Kira has managed to sneak on all of those pictures, little monkey! Just goes to show how much a part of the family she is :o)
The weather is going to be changing for the worse tomorrow sadly, so it will be back to the normal grindstone.
My parents are over in Spain as I write this, on their holiday/house hunting search. My brother has put his house on the market and is selling his posh car and even his private number plate which suprised me. It appears to be all systems go for their new life in Egypt, it will seem very strange without family around us here. Still, we are all very excited and hugely looking forward to our new start "up North". Nothing to report as yet, still very much playing the waiting game to see what happens with my parents.


  1. Lovely pics Jules, great to see the kids having so much fun :)

    Kira has grown so much too! We must make an effort to come and see you again before you move away.

  2. Good sunny fun;-))

    I very often have the same thing happen when I look back through photo's and Beauty is in all of them.Kira is adorable.xx

  3. Looks like the kids are having lots of fun!