Thursday, June 12, 2008

{All going well}

No interesting updates for you all, everything home-ed wise is just trundling along nicely.

We are having a bit of a nightmare with the car at the moment, meaning we are struggling hugely financially, and the dog had a bit of an accident last week meaning she had to have stitches and wear a lampshade collar for a while. She still has the stitches, which are due to be removed next Tuesday. It has meant that we haven't ventured out anywhere as we didn't want to leave her, but without a car that hasn't been too much of a hastle anyway.

Joseph has progressed well at his cub-scouts, earning another two badges. On Saturday he is off abseiling in the morning, then doing archery and air-rifle shooting in the afternoon. There are only 5 more sessions left for him, and he doesn't want to move up to the Scout group after Chelsea's tales, so we will have to have a search around for something else to him to do.

We have all been enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having here in Devon recently, lots of reading in the garden, planting and weeding, trampoline jumping, and mini-olympic staging. It's been difficult trying to keep Kira from running around like a mad thing (she is a springer spaniel after all!) so I have been spending more time inside the house than I would have liked, but she is worth it :o) Hopefully her paw will heal soon and we can go back to enjoying our long walks and picnics in the countryside again.

Tomorrow we are meant to be going to a child's birthday party, but it will cost us a fortune to get there on public transport. Oh the joys of living in Devon! We are still planning a move to the Cheshire area, but it has been put on hold as the money we would have used to help with the cost has been needed for the car - £800 *gulp* We were hoping to go for a camping visit up there to suss out areas at the end of this month, but that's a definite no no now which is a shame.


  1. Sorry to hear that things are tough financially. I watched an interesting programme on the tv comparing the rates of inflation for different families and for some it is as high as 14%. For instance, we are fuel heavy. We have 2 cars and an oil boiler. Our costs have gone up considerably. Not helpful I suppose but interesting!
    Great to hear that you are still managing to do some fun stuff with the kids. Long walks and picnics are what they will remember when they are grown. :-)

  2. Sorry to hear about the car. We recently lost ours and it certainly has changed what we do with regard to our home edding. Not only is it the cost, but it is the time it takes to get everywhere. Hope things get back on an even keel for you soon

  3. Sorry to hear things are a bit down.

    Hope Kira's paw gets on the mend soon. Elle