Friday, June 20, 2008


Are the days getting shorter? Sure seems like it in this household. We don't seem to getting as much done as I would like to. We have been a little lapsed with the "sit down" schoolwork, and have been enjoying time outside in the warm weather instead. I knew it wouldn't last though, and seemingly just to prove my point, today has been a wet and indoor kinda day.

It started off well, with each child doing various workbooks. Chelsea was working on Maths, Joseph and Tiegan both on English. Callum sat with us and drew pictures, played with his cars, and talked about colours.

Tiegan then went on the laptop, making use of various websites. Her favourite site at the moment is the Rainbows one. Joseph went on the laptop and used a few Maths sites, whilst Chelsea sat with me and corrected a very poorly written letter I had been sent a few days ago. She was horrified at the poor spelling and punctuation, and corrected both. It made me smile as she was tutting over her "just what are they teaching in schools?" remark.

After lunch I set about continuing with my organising. Having decided that the current schoolroom was too small for our needs, I have moved some of the school resources into the dining room. The old schoolroom will be my craft room/kids arts & craft space. I will get around to taking photos of the new areas one day :o)

This afternoon has been filled with various goings on. Chelsea and Joseph have been doing "website reviews" together:

whilst Tiegan and Callum had a colouring session:

Callum found some "new" games, that had been long lost in a cupboard, only resurfacing due to my change around. In one of the boxes he found a timer, the type filled with sand. Here he is looking at it with utter fascination...

Don't you just love those moments?

The kids are currently playing Twister Moves...

A lot of noise and a lot of laughter!


  1. Good to see the kids having fun!

    You always seem so organised - HOW?! I set off every day intended to stick to a plan, be organised - and I'm someone who is naturally an organiser - but it seems that none of my "lads" are!

  2. I've been enjoying listening to Our Island Story on my MP3. It's sure covers a great deal of history. I was terrible at history in school so I only recognize a name every few chapters. It will be a great study stimulator. American history is so much shorter by comparision.

    Do you school all year round?


  3. I think that is the joy of home education, you can enjoy the weather when we have it, and being in the UK, blink and you miss the summer. Home ed group here have just enjoyed a lovely day on the beach, hoping we might have some more soon. My boys were fascinated with an egg timer they found here when we moved in. All of a sudden they were making lots of boiled eggs

  4. Still no sign of your picture here Jules!!! :)) Come on!!! The kids will be delighted to take you some pictures for sure!! :))
    Rosette :) xx

  5. Hi Jules,
    I can quite relate to your day. Our days seem to be getting shorter and shorter. I start most days with a general plan of what we are going to do and then the girls seem to take over with their own plan of what they would most like to do in that moment. It is quite fascinating to watch really.
    Amanda Goldston

  6. I love looking at all the pictures! Our days have been a little crazy lately, lots of appointments here and there. We are slowing down this week and settling back into 'summer school'. We've been taking lots of walks and riding bikes but now we need to get back to English and math.