Sunday, June 15, 2008

{Fathers Day}

Unfortunately, Fathers Day hasn't been very successfully celebrated this year. The children couldn't do their usual breakfast in bed for daddy routine, as my own dad came over at something ridiculous o'clock and got us all out of bed. Why? Because the men are working on our car today. Bless 'em.

I had invited my parents over for dinner, so the morning was spent preparing the roast and vegetables. I then got on and did the 4 baskets of ironing that I had successfully managed to ignore all week. I keep promising myself that I will keep on top of the ever growing piles by doing a little ironing each day, but I never do. Then I am full of regret when I have to spend 2 hours doing it all in one sitting. Ho hum. One day I will learn.

Other than that excitement, we have had a fairly pleasant day. Whilst the men have been out working oh so hard under the car, Tiegan and Callum had reading time with big bro. No, not the channel 4 version I'm afraid, just dear Joe.

I uploaded a door hanger on my craft blog that I had made as part of a blog challenge team I'm a member of. Whilst working on the laptop, I couldn't resist taking these pictures of my little handsome chap - looking rather battered at the moment with an impressive looking battle scar.

and one of Tiegan looking deep in thought...

Of course Fathers Day hasn't been completely forgotten in the household. Yesterday the girls and I (with Callums assistance of course!) baked Chocolate Chip Oat Cookies and Coconut Slices. Both turned out to be rather yummy and we only just managed to save some for the Daddys. I should have taken photos of them, but I forgot, so you will have to make do with the wrapping:

My dad went to pick up my mum just after lunch time, and the afternoon was spent playing games and chatting.

There was lots of giggles and laughter.

and Kira loved the extra attention.

I have started to implement a no TV during the day rule, as I was finding that the children were watching more and more each day. I'm not against TV as such, but got a little frustrated when I noticed that the children weren't bothering to think of what else they could do, but just went and switched on the TV instead. I really think today has benefitted hugely from this new rule, and noticed that Joseph in particular was much more sociable. He will often take himself off to watch the small set in the Dining Room whilst the rest of us are in the living room. I wouldn't mind if he was going to watch something special, but he just sits aimlessly flicking through the channels before checking out what is available to watch on the replay service. Today though was very different, and we all sat together chatting. One of the children suggested we play a game of hangman, which we did and I hugely enjoyed playing along. We had quite a laugh together, it has done me the world of good :o) My mum and dad looked as if they were enjoying it too, and as simple as it was, it was such a special family time.

I captured these pictures of Tiegan today and I just love them.


  1. Love all the photos, Jules. Girls particularly are looking very grown up these days, both of them! glad you had a good father's day - did they manage to fix the car?

  2. Nope, the weather wasn't on their side today and they had enough. Dad is coming over again tomorrow...

  3. What a lovely special family day you have all had Jules! I have really enjoyed reading your day and, the photo's are just all so lovely darlin'! What Beautiful children you have Jules! take care lovely, x x x

  4. Gorgeous photos Jules. :)

    Echoing Sarah about the girls. Tiegan in particular looks very much more the little girl in these shots. Beautiful. :)

    Sorry to hear you hadn't managed to fix the car, hope it gets finished soon for you.


  5. Hiya Jules! Now why didn't you let us know you were hiding over here before? I read you in my Google reader, so I can keep up just as easily here. :o) Will miss you are HSB though!

    I just read back a little to try and catch up. Are you really moving up north? You will be closer to us! Yeah! We are over near Doncaster. I run a group and there is a second one in our nearby town. We do one outing a month and a music theory class. They have a meeting each week, some just get together at the hall, some outings. Keep us posted where you start looking to go! - Deedeeuk