Thursday, June 26, 2008

{Haldon Woods, Brixham and Dartmoor}

Well we have certainly kept up with our promise of getting out and about this week whilst dh is off work. Yesterday we had a really lovely morning out at Haldon Forest Park. Rain had been forecast, and the clouds were looking threatening so I (stupidly) didn't bother to take the camera. However, we had a lovely walk, in fab weather conditions. It was warm, the sun was shining and the birds were singing. Bliss. Kira loved it, and was very well behaved with all the other doggies around, and the children adored walking and playing on the equipment en route. Sadly, once we were home I started to feel really ill. Raging headache, bright light sensitivity, sickness, and general yuck. I spent the rest of the day trying (and failing) to sleep it off.

Today (re-armed with my camera) we headed to Brixham, just a short drive from our home. We took Kira with us as we are trying to get her used to being around more people and crowds. (I won't mention that the postman refused to visit us today because she "scared him off" with her barking. *blush*)

We all had a lovely stroll around the harbour, looking at all the different boats, admiring the views, and watching the crabbers trying not to get their fingers pinched by their little catches.

After a wander around the streets, we headed back to the carpark to get our picnic food to eat on the beach. The Brixham Lifeboat was directly in front of our car, as the crew were taking part in an interview for our local Spotlight news programme.

The photo opportunity was too good to miss, so I happily snapped away :o)

Once our picnic basket was empty, we all climbed back into the car and headed off to the Moors. I adore Dartmoor. It is the one place I am going to severely miss when (if?) we move from here. I love the wilderness, the tranquility, the history, the folk tales. I love the ponies, the sheep, the cows, and the Tors. I love the feel of it, the changing landscapes, the lush woodland and the barren ferns.

Anyway, we stopped for a child and dog run about. Kira needed to release the energy that she had been unable to use up whilst *yawn* lead walking around Brixham. She hates walking on the lead and I'm desperately trying to train her to walk nicely without pulling my arms out of their sockets. It's an absolutely impossible task I'm in no doubt, but I WILL NOT give up!! Off-lead she is a real darling, you can't fault her, her recall is superb. On lead? Forget it.

The children just wanted to run, for no other reason than there was lots of space to do so :o)

How could you not fall in love with views such as these:

Even on an overcast day there is just *something* special about the place.


  1. Great photos! Dartmoor reminds me of "All Creatures Great and Small."

    The kids and I had some good laugh while reading those books. I did censor some of the uncouth language uttered by Dr. Farnon and the rough farmers.


  2. Hope you are feeling better now.

    The pics of Brixham are brilliant as usual. Lovely to see the kids running around too.


  3. I LOVE that picture of Kira jumping on the moor! How free and happy! :o)

  4. aww I love Brixham. We went on a sun holiday deal 2 years ago and even a really damp cruddy caravan and awful holiday park doesnt spoil the happy memories. My kids loved it there. Lovely pics, youve brought it all back!

  5. What a delightful day. I love your photos!

  6. You are so lucky to live near all of that, I am Jealous Jules!

    Great photos and the zoo ones!