Saturday, June 14, 2008

{Joe's Day Out}

Joseph has just come back from great day out. He went climbing, abseiling and zip-lining this morning, then after lunch he had a go at archery, air rifle shooting, and kite making.
Apart from the last hour or so, the weather was very kind and the rain held off. Boy, did it rain when it started though! Goodness, we all got soaked to the skin.
Joe had a fantastic time though, and hasn't stopped talking about it to anyone that will listen. His favourite part apparently was the air rifle shooting. This is the target that he came home with, very proudly.

As I was stood watching him partake in the Archery (whilst trying to shelter from the rain under a tree with poor Tiegan and Callum), I realised just how grown up he is getting. I noticed how at ease Joe was around the others, and how easily and confidently he spoke with one of the leaders. The conversation flowed easily, and the leader threw his head back with laughter at whatever Joe was saying - Joe was grinning too, so presumably it was a shared joke ;-) It was lovely to watch, and it made me think just how far that lad has come. His journey has been a difficult one, but we have succeeded. Our once withdrawn, insecure, speech challenged and shy child, has developed into a confident, chatty, humourous one, who seems to get along with everyone. I'm so proud of him.


  1. Glad Joseph had a good day. It's those small moments of sheer pride when you look at your child and realise you made the right decision for them by home educating.

  2. I love seeing how easily the children have conversations with people of all ages, seems to be the mark of a lot of home educated children. Sounded like a lovely day