Tuesday, June 17, 2008

{Our Tuesday}

Not much to say about our day today really, I didn't get as much done as I would have liked.

The day started with a bit of swirling for Tiegan:

That's the swirly thing she made at Rainbows.

For the rest of us the day started with the usual cleaning routine - Dusting, Hoovering, Mopping, cleaning bathroom, sorting dishwasher, and sorting out the washing.

The children then did a bit of work from their English Workbooks. I have been absolutely amazed at how many words Tiegan can read. We haven't used any scheme, I haven't sat and actually "taught" her anything, I've just read lots of books outloud, and answered her "what's this word say" questions when she asked. Child learning at it's best.

After the workbooks it was out on the trampoline for a mad jump about, before we settled down to read a couple more chapters of Our Island Story.

Then lunch time, after which we all piled into our car (yes, OUR CAR!!!) and headed off to take Kira to the vets. She was due to have her stitches out today, and I was dreading it hugely. She isn't the easiest of doggies around people she doesn't know, in fact she sounds darn right nasty! However, she was pretty much okay today. She barked like mad for the first couple of minutes, but then as I sat with her she settled down and looked quite happy to give her paw and have the stitches removed. We now have a fit doggy and a car on the road again!!! Brilliant.

The rest of the afternoon I spent sorting out our "school" resources. I have files and files of magazine clipping, posters, printed worksheets etc etc, and I wanted them moved from one room to another. I also moved a desk and a cupboard. We now have much more space to work at which feels much better. The old schoolroom will be used as our Arts and Crafts room.

I had a horrid headache accompanied by weird dizzy spells which slowed me down somewhat, meaning I have more than I would have liked to finish off today.

Whilst I was on my organising spurt, the older kids did some more work on their fantasy story, and Callum did more work on his cars ;-)

After a quick dinner of quiche and salad, I took Joe around to his cubs session, taking Kira for her first walk in two weeks. Mad thing! Joseph earnt another badge tonight, for some written work he had done about his firestation visit a few weeks ago. Another one for me to sew on.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I know what you mean about files of paper work and just the load of the administration effort of home schooling. I spend a ot of time choosing curriculum, organizing it, and keeping the records straight.

  2. Tiegan looks happy doing her spinny thingummy. :)

    Glad the car and dog are both okay now, that another weight off your mind isn't it?

    Well done Tiegan for her reading and to Joe for his badge.

    I'm sure there was something else but my mind is a blank (nothing new there then, lol!)

  3. It all sounds really good. An arts and crafts room also sounds fantastic!
    Hope you have fun in it!;-)

  4. I like that swirly rainbow thing :)

  5. I cant help but notice your husband eating his breakfast with his laptop! Lol

    Ive been looking at your blog and I love all the pics!