Wednesday, July 16, 2008

{Back to the Zoo}

Some of you will know that a few years ago we had a year long membership to Paignton Zoo. We all enjoyed having somewhere to go when we were at a loose end, and often toddled off to the Zoo for a couple of hours. We were sad when it lapsed and we couldn't afford to re-join. Today however, we decided to dig deep and find the money for a new membership. We can now go to the zoo as many times as we like throughout the year, which is bound to be lots as we live even closer to it now.

We have had a fabulous family day out there today, the weather has just been glorious. I was a little worried when we discovered that the car park was full to the brim, as was the top overflow car park. The lower overflow car park was a little emptier - although it did contain around 6 coaches. Eeek, we all imagined the zoo would be bursting at the seams. Actually it was amazingly easy to get around - and there wasn't even a queue for the tickets. We did give the gorillas a miss though, one quick peek inside was enough to tell us that it was heaving and not worth fighting through the crowds when we can re-visit at any time.

I, of course, took my camera and put it to good use (well I think so anyway).

The zoo has a new "Crocodile Swamp" which is fab, and the childrens definite favourite.

Nile Crocodile

Cuban Crocodile

BIG snakes

Saltwater Crocodile

A visit to be repeated very soon.


  1. WOW the photos are fantastic Jules, what a fun day out. Thanks so much for sharing with us

    Sarah x

  2. Fantastic phots Jules. Looks like you had a fab day with many more to come. I can feel a membership for Chester Zoo coming on :)

  3. Thanks for commenting Sarah.

    Ickle - we can get in free to Chester zoo with the Paignton zoo membership, so if we are ever up that way...

  4. wow I love the tiger pic , what a lovely place.

  5. Great pics Jules. I don't think we have been to the zoo since the fire...

    Erm, a years membership... does this mean you are thinking of sticking around? (asks with a note of hope in voice)

  6. We are staying for the foreseeable future Linda :o) The car maintenance took all the money we had saved towards the moved - £900 this year!!! It will take us a long while to save anything near that amount again.

    We did think that the zoo membership was a safe bet though as members get free entry to Chester zoo too, so if we were up there the membership wouldn't be wasted.

    Bristol zoo has just joined in the scheme too, so free entry there too! (and Newquay zoo)

  7. Those pictures are great.

  8. that tiger is amazing :) nice zoo photos that's for sure!!

  9. I love going to zoos! Love your pictures!!

  10. Hello

    I thought I'd click on 'photography' on my blogger's profile and see who it led me to.

    I landed up here - and so glad!

    Not only are the photographs great to look at - it's a pleasure to come across another West Country blogger.

    Lucy Corrander