Wednesday, July 09, 2008


I just don't understand where our days are going. July already, and we don't seem to have done much.

We have celebrated a birthday in my blog absence. Callum is now the grand old age of 3. I can't believe that my youngest is 3, it's just not right not to have a "baby" in the house. I think he enjoyed his birthday. The weather was very kind to us and we were able to have a BBQ in the garden (which was his request). My parents came over and so did my brothers' girlfriend and her little girl. We played various games and laughed alot. The presents he received were a big hit, he continues to play with each one in turn, making good use of all of them.

Other than that, there isn't a great deal to say really. "Schoolwork" is going well each day, the children are each working on individual lapbooks, which they will probably allow me to share here when completed. We have been doing lots of reading as usual, and the children have had lots of time to follow their own interests. For the girls this means lots of crafting and arty type stuff, whilst for Joe this means lots of sports orientated stuff - reading, playing, watching. He is very much looking forward to the Olympics this year (as am I).

So there's a quick update with what's going on in our world.

Oh, and did I mention my purple hair? ;o)


  1. Time just seems to fly, my baby will be 10 in two weeks. Doesn't seem possible. Glad you had a lovely family day to celebrate

  2. I think we need a photo Jules!


  3. another request for a photo here ;-) purple ....
    and my baby is 18 next week = blink and we'll all be grannies :-) xx hope he had a lovely birthday xx

  4. My baby just turned three on the 22nd of June! It is so strange not to have a true baby about. I keep feeling like I'm missing someone with all these grown up kids all around me.

    Each season is such a new adventure!