Tuesday, July 15, 2008

{Wishing Wells and Wheelbarrows}

Wow, the weather has been amazingly lovely today. We had a nice walk around Torquay in the sunshine, visiting the marina and harbour areas, as well as the shops. I wish I had taken the camera as some of the views were breathtaking. Never mind, always next time.

After Torquay, we came home and enjoyed the garden. I would like to be able to say that we worked hard - weeding, mowing, planting - but we didn't. We sat under the parasol, read a bit and chatted. I do love that sort of easy-going family time, just whiling away the hours together. Of course, the trampoline was too much of a temptation and there was intermittent jumping, along with roller skating, bike riding, drawing, and train track building (not all on the trampoline obviously!)

Joe has developed an interest in woodworking, and with a bit of help from his dad, has come up with these planters.

Isn't it lovely when a child starts showing an interest in something and it develops into an end product that they can be proud of? Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :o)

In other Joe news, he had his final session at cub-scouts tonight. It is sad, but he has a lot of very happy experiences and memories to treasure. Akela came over to me during the canoeing session a couple of weeks ago and said how much she will miss him. She remarked on what a "lovely young man" he is, and how refreshing it was to have a lad who wasn't afraid to stand up for what is right and not just follow the crowd. Yes, my head was swelling by this point. She said that he was such a pleasure to have around, always looking out for others, and ready with a kind supportive word, or a joke to lighten the mood when needed. I nearly burst with pride. We are now on the hunt for something else for Joe to sign up for, should he wish to do so . At the moment he is boasting about how he can have more time on the playstation now *rolls eyes*.

We have been having a sad time animal-wise recently, with the loss of another two pet rats. It came as no great surprise of course, as all of our ratties are of "that age" now, and it is inevitable. It doesn't make it any easier though, but we try to remember all the happy times, and the children seem to deal with it well. We have leapt from 9 to just 5 rather suddenly, but I have to confess that I am liking the quicker cage cleaning duty! Of course we still have the 2 rabbits, 2 guinea pigs, 3 budgies and mad dog. Talking of which, I caught some lovely (to me) pictures of Kira this afternoon. She has a silly obsession with dustpans and brushes! She has done since being a pup, and we have many photos of her chasing whoever was sweeping up to get hold of the broom *shakes head*.

Here she is in "I know I shouldn't have it mum" pose...

"but I like it sooooo much!"

"I'm not doing anything, honest!" *Thinks - If I smile sweetly for long enough mum will just go away*

"What brush? I haven't seen a brush..."

"Oh look, it's just MINE okay!"



  1. Anonymous12:53 am

    The planters look very professional :0)

    love the pics of Kira - my gsd used to have a thing about brushes too :0)

  2. The planters look brill!

    Love the pics of Kira too, she is enjoying that brush a lot isn't she, lol!


  3. So sweet, our youngest dog loves slippers....and toys, and socks, and anything he can get hold of!

  4. Love the photos and the comments hun, such a sweet dog.

    And the woodwork is just fantastic,

    Sarah x

  5. Love those planters Jules, tell your OH and Joe that I'd order some if I lived nearby! Thay're amazing, and I adore gardening :)


  6. Those planters look soooo professional! What a great job!!

  7. It is always so sad when ratties die - they are such wonderful creatures. Our last two died a few years back and I couldn't face going through it again for a while and now with a terrier pup the 'while' may extend somewhat. I don't, however, miss cleaning out their tank!

    I think the woodworking is great - how wonderful for him to make such useful and attractive things, I am impressed.