Tuesday, August 26, 2008

{Is that it?}

Is the summer over already? Oh goodness, hasn't time whizzed.

In all honesty we haven't done a huge amount. It feels as though we have wasted the days really. Dh had a fortnight off work and we had made many plans for days out in that time. Sadly it was not to be, and instead the first week was spent trying to sort out a broken boiler (oh what fun we had!). The second week was spent trying to sort out the mess that was once known as the house next door. Once again the tenants decided to leave - owing rent and leaving a great big mess to clean up and get rid of. Why, why, why?! (For those that don't know, next door is owned by my brother, who works away so we are left to deal with many of the problems that arise).

We have had a few nice days though. We headed down to Cornwall for one of them, spending a lovely day wandering around Polperro, and then on to Bodmin. The weather was just gorgeous, one of those rare dry all day days.

I have been busy trying to organise things (in my head and on paper) as to where I want to be heading. Lots of muddles and confused thoughts buzzing around, lots of dreams to aim for and decisions to be made. I'd share them with you if I knew them myself - that's kinda how I'm feeling at the moment.

All are well. Chelsea and Joseph seem happy. Both are still determined that school isn't for them, which is fine. I'm happy to continue HE-ing for as long as they wish to do so. Tiegan is progressing well with her reading, and is gaining confidence with it daily. We are having such a different experience to that we had with Joseph. Callum is amazing us daily with all that he picks up, he appears to be as bright as a button and adores "learning" new things. I hope that love continues - it makes my job soooo much easier ;o)


  1. Hi Jules,

    Are you still in touch with Emma who used to blog--she had coelic disease--I think she lived in your neck of the woods? If so--can you pass her my email add--I have some gluten free questions I would like to ask her.
    eas211-he @ yahoo.co.uk

    I hope you can get your thoughts in order-I'm always impressed by how much you do already--4 kids, a little zoo, and a billion craft projects--do you have time for more???
    Many Thanks!

  2. Summer does fly way to fast doesn't it? Glad things are good where you are!

  3. Linda9:30 am

    Great to hear that Tiegan is doing so well Jules, and the others too of course.

    Summer has whizzed past in a blue hasn't it?

    Things are fine here, thanks for asking. I'm just mega busy with trying to fit in HE and work in a way which suits us all. Will email you when I get a minute! ;)