Friday, August 29, 2008

{Isn't it amazing...}

what a difference a bit of a clean up and rearrange makes?

Since moving to this house, can you believe we have never had a "proper place" for our books? Most of our books have been kept in the garden shed! The children have always had access to them, and we do have *some* in the house of course, but the masses have just been left to be forgotten at the bottom of the garden.

I wanted to change that. I have always been surrounded by books. I love books (as some of you that remember my frequent charity shop visits will remember *grin*) I have always loathed the fact that our books are hidden from view and thus forgotten - out of sight, out of mind.

My husband is the opposite to myself. He doesn't like reading and never rarely picks up a book. Bookcases filled with books fill him with dread. They look messy and the books never get put away tidily. Hence why our books and bookcases are kept in the shed.

Or rather, they were...

After a mammoth mum and kids carrying session, they are now taking pride of place in our house. One in the living room (all nice and neat and tidy) and one in the hallway. Ooooh, it feels like my home now.

And the difference I referred to at the beginning of this posting? Well, the fact that my children have ALL had their heads buried in books today, and we have talked about so many different things, sparking off interests in all sorts of directions. Chelsea has covered Art History, skeletons, India and Antartica. Joseph has looked at Pirates, Dinosaurs, Ancient Greece, and the Human Body. Tiegan has found out about skeletons, dinosaurs, cooking, and electricity. Little Callum has questioned the pictures of Egyptian Pyramids, various Dinosaurs, Spiders, and Blues Clues ;o)

Alongside the mammoth book reading session, we have walked the dog whilst making note of the changing seasons, Joe has made a batman costume, the girls and Callum have played a shopping game, and we all played on the trampoline in the garden. Oh, and the children all sat at lunchtime writing their own lists of what they wish to "study" in the coming months.

I love days like this.


  1. With you completely here. Couldn't be without my books. You should see what I have to clear out to clean the bathroom and toilet. Seems to be the place the boys do most of their reading

  2. We have thousands of books, and are all avid readers in our family. The difficulty I have is that I'm (selfishly) reluctant to part with any of them unless I know they are going where they will be appreciated. I'm the same with the children's toys and games as they always looked after their things and I hate the thought they would be trashed ... so you can imagine what our attic is like LOL! I suppose one day I'll just have to be ruthless and have a good old clear out ... maybe ... one day.