Sunday, September 21, 2008

{All Quiet}

We had a lovely day yesterday. Chelsea and Joseph spent much of the day with their friends - either here, next door, or at the park. Tiegan went with my brother's girlfriend over to visit my parents for a few hours, and dh and I took Callum to the playground. The weather was glorious, the nicest we have had a for a long while. It was lovely being able to make the most of it.

The lady from next door came around in the evening to ask if Joseph would like to stay the night at theirs. Of course he would (silly question). She then asked if Chelsea would like to stay too, and then go with them to a majorettes competition that her daughter was taking part in in the morning. It meant Chelsea needed to be up by 6am *yawn*, but she wanted to go anyway. Whilst the older two were at their sleepover next door, I made flapjacks and chocolate concrete cake with the younger two. Yum. they toddled off to bed together, watching DVD's and Tiegan reading stories to Callum. I really love hearing Tiegan read, she is so fluent, so expressive, so darn good! I still can't believe how little input I have had for her to get to this stage. It really has been a real eye-opener for me of how child-led learning works at it's best.

So here I am this morning, with just 2 children around. Very odd. The house seems very quiet. Mind you, they have just started playing on the wii, so that peace and quiet will soon be shattered...

Last night I got one of my knitting urges. I haven't done any knitting for a long time. I've wanted to have a go at knitting a pair of armwarmers for a long time, but haven't got around to doing so. I need to buy some new wool, but thought for my first attempt I could use what I've got. I searched for an easy pattern, knitted flat and not in the round (haven't got any circular needles yet) and found a lovely one - but it had a simple cable pattern in it. I haven't attempted any cable stitching before, but it sounded easy enough. Fortunately it was, and I managed to complete the first one yesterday. I'll add a photo later when I've complete the other one. Of course the girls are already eyeing them up, so I can see myself knitting a fair few of them in the coming weeks :o) Next time we go out somewhere I'm going to treat myself to some fab new wool colours.


  1. Chocolate concrete cake sounds interesting Jules, got a piccie? ;)

    Sounds as if the kids are having a riot, its good to read about them having so much fun. :)

    No idea what arm warmers are - am picturing leg warmer type things for arms or am I being way off the mark?


  2. I'm knitting squaresfor a ribbed blanket/throw, I love knitting.

  3. ooh meant to put I'll watch out for your pics :)