Wednesday, September 24, 2008

{Photos and School Madness}

At last, the promised pictures. First the armwarmers - I did these like simple gloves with just the thumb hole. It was my first attempt at cable knitting, and I'm really chuffed with the results and the quick knitting time. Next time I will make them a bit longer.
Here is a photo of the Chocolate concrete cake; scrumptious with custard. Hard on the outside, deliciously soft on the inside.
Needless to say we have none left now.
I have had a nice couple of shopping trips recently - buying things that I never usually bother with. I have bought new make-up, costume jewellery, and 2 hats. I love hats. I used to wear them alot when I had long hair but when it was shorter hats never seemed to suit, so I stopped wearing them and stupidly got rid. Now my hair is growing again and (although it's still purple) hats seem to suit me again - well I think so anyway ;o) Chelsea is just adoring this new found mum as she is thoroughly enjoying doing all the "girly stuff" together, something that we have never really done before apart from the occasional painted nails session. As vain as it sounds, and as much as I hate saying it, the more I "look after" myself, the more self confident and better about myself I feel. I have always been a take me as you find me sort of person, and to some extent I still am, but I have been making a bit of an effort these past few weeks with my hair and make up, and feel a whole lot better for it. I have never gone the "whole hog" with the make up, never used foundation and all that stuff - just a bit of eyeshadow and eyeliner and maybe a touch of blusher and lippie. Amazing that so little can do so much :o)
As for the school madness in the title of this post, well I've just been listening to my local radio station when they reported a story about school children being threatened with exclusion if they have hair gel on their hair. ???!!!???!!!


  1. Love the Armwarmers. They look great. That chocolate concrete cake looks delicious. Do you have a recipe for it?

  2. The armwarmers are fantastic, would never guess that it was your first attempt at cable

  3. Where have you been sweetie??? I miss your comments, and your friendship more than the comments!! I noticed you stepped down fron the Tilda & co Blog DT ,and you don't seem to be updating your craft blog a lot. U ok? If you would like to e mail me, search for my addie in my profile. I'd like to hear from you again!! :(

  4. Choccie cake looks wonderful!

    Glad to hear you're taking care of yourself hun, and it doesn't sound vain, it sounds like good sense to

    The school thing is a difficult one, every year that school is extremely oversubscribed cos its such a good school. They pride themselves on their results, the kids' behaviour and their dress code so I can actually see the point of the non spiky hair as its part of the 'package' if that makes any sense. I don't think parents should have joined in the protest, they want the image and prestige of saying their kids go to that school they should back up the school in decisions like this not fight against it. - Probably a strange view coming from a home educator though, lol! ;)

  5. Love the blue nail varnish!

  6. love love love your arm warmers - wish i could cable
    d xx