Friday, September 19, 2008

{Sleep Overs}

Another busy day here, with children off doing their own things. Chelsea has been reading - various things but Roman Mysteries being the main. Joseph has been writing a play, based around Tudor history from what I can gather at this early stage. Sounds intriguing anyway, and we all have parts apparently. Tiegan has been full of energy - singing and dancing her way through the day. She has also managed to write a story, illustrate it, and sit with Callum doing Hama-beading. All of them made a lovely victoria sponge cake this morning, which it has to be said was delicious. It looked good and tasted better ;o)

Once the school children had been released, we had another 2 join our clan. Together all of the children have played X-factor, been on the Playstation, trampolined to the point of exhaustion, planned a spooky party, and had a go at cardmaking using my stash. The new 2 are joining us for a sleep-over apparently, and have just come in armed with DVDs. Their mother came over here yesterday and raised a few questions about home-education. Apparently her children have been begging not to have to go to school, the girl in particular struggling to settle into her new school and already has had to tolerate a great deal of name calling and general nastiness. Home-education isn't something they have considered, nor indeed something they are *actually* considering, but she showed an interest and I did my best to answer her queries as best I could. She left with a promise of us talking more when more time is available to us both.


  1. Hi Jules,

    Keep meaning to say how great your new hair do looks in your avator thingy.


  2. Hi Jules

    Thought I'd pop over here and see what's happening in your life. So glad I did. :)
    How wonderful that your new neighbours have settled in so well and have become firm friends with your 'littlies'.

    Take care


  3. Glad things are going well. I'm enjoying all your newsy blogging again. Missed you in blogland for awhile there. There is an update on the UK blog about Mamasmurf if you know her from HSB at all. Just wanted to let you know. Take care!