Monday, September 15, 2008

{Speech Therapy}

A lovely reassuring moment this morning whilst visiting the Speech Therapist that Joseph has been seeing since he was 4 years old. There has been a long (year long?) gap since the last appointment, and although I was obviously aware of Joe's fantastic progress, it is of course, always nice when an "expert" agrees and it gets recorded in the notes :o) The therapist is such a lovely lady with whom I always enjoy chatting. She has often openly expressed how she believes our home-educating lifestyle has been an enormous factor in Joseph's rapid improvement. Always nice to tell my mother - my main home-ed objector.

We came away today with a great sense of achievement, and a promise to attend again in a years time for another catch up appointment. We met dh and the other children at the nearby playground, and then had a lovely walk around Dawlish - feeding the ducks and black swans and eating too many cakes :o)


  1. that's lovely Jules, enjoy telling your mum :o) xx

  2. Glad to hear Joe's speech has improved so much! I had speech therapy for years-so I know how he feels.

    I can't believe your mom still has any objections, as the kids all seem to be thriving.

    (your blogger word verification has so many weird letter combinations!)