Wednesday, September 17, 2008

{Where are my children??!!}

Goodness me, since we have had a new family move in to the house next door, we have been seeing less and less of our children. Our new neighbours have two children - a girl aged 12, and a boy aged 11. Both are lovely, and a pleasure to have around. All of the children have immediately hit it off, and firm friendships have seemingly already been formed. Now, once home from school, the next door kids come over and call for ours. They all then go off to the park, to the shops, or just "hang out" together. What has been an added bonus, is that our children are now mixing with, and getting to know the other neighbourhood kids. We no longer know from one minute to the next who is visiting - we can have 8, 9 or 10 children here at any one time, and it's great :o) The house feels alive again, with happy children, lots of laughter and giggles, and enough people traffic to make the M6 look quiet :o)

Today has been a good one. This morning we headed off to Trago Mills. We wandered around the animals section, fussing the goats and llamas, and admiring the rabbits and birds. We found the sculptures, and all fell in love with the blue dragon in the lake - amazing. Trago is a place we have visited many many times - but usually in a rush. Go, shop, and leave. It was nice today to just take the time to walk around, enjoying each others company, and watching the joy as the children were given the time to explore.

Once home, I took the girls to the library. Our local library is soooooo different to our previous one. The librarian is happy to see the children, always willing to chat and hear their thoughts on their latest reads or favourite TV shows of the moment. It really makes the library a pleasure to visit, and the children enjoy restocking their reading material.

When we returned home again, I sat to read a couple of read-alouds with Callum and Tiegan. Unfortunately my voice didn't want to play nicely. I have been struggling for the past 3/4 days with a funny throat and lack of voice at times (much to the children's delight!) I only managed one read-aloud today, and I struggled with that. In the end Tiegan took over the reading and did a superb job :o)

Once again this evening the house has been taken over by children - and I love it. It is exactly the "open house" I have longed for, where the children's friend were made to feel welcome and able to treat the house as their own.


  1. Sounds brilliant.


  2. wow it sounds luvverly darling , and I love your new pic on your profile too - very nice :o) x

  3. Anonymous7:23 am

    It's lovely when that happens :)

  4. Hi Jules :)
    Glad life is happy and busy for you just now! I love having kids in and out of my house too - I get even with just my own, but we often have a few extras at time and like you - I love it - well that is until it's time to see the floor again ;-)