Monday, October 20, 2008

{Mine all Mine}

Just look what the wonderful courier delivered to my door this morning...
An absolutely gorgeous pair (yes, the courier bought 2) of Dr Martens, which I bought from this fabulous store on Ebay. I wore them to the film education viewing of Wall-E at the cinema this morning, much to the surprise of the girls belonging to the school party we walked passed lol.
For some reason Callum didn't want to go to the cinema today. Think it might have been a bit too early for him *sigh*. Without the school run to contend with each morning, our mornings tend to be a little lazy, and it's not often that we need to be up and ready to leave for 9am. The rest of the children enjoyed it though, as did I, whilst Callum seemed to enjoy the one-to-one time he spent with his dad.
Our days have been pretty busy recently, lots of "learning" stuff going on, despite what my dear mother thinks. Yes, once again poor Chelsea has had the "You are very silly not to want to go to school" chat, and my mum has said that she won't ever amount to anything as she hasn't been school. *sigh again*. Luckily Chelsea knows better, and is well used to my mums thoughts and feelings on home-ed. My mum told her that I am not clever enough to be teaching her, and Chelsea can't learn without school. Seems she just doesn't "get it". Ho hum. I am going to have to be a little stricter though and say that Chels won't be staying over again unless my mum stops harrassing her about our home-ed choice - I know Chelsea is used to it, but Tiegan wouldn't like her saying things like that to her as she just wants to please everyone.


  1. Those boots are fab!!!

    My Mum and Dad often appear to have "got" how we are doing things then they arrive the next time with a subtraction workbook!!!!xx

  2. Anonymous6:34 pm

    Those are fantastic!! I want some

  3. Deedee6:58 pm

    Cool boots! I know, it is sooo hard when family don't 'get it' isn't it?

  4. fantastic boots :-) wow.
    mmmm your mum needs enlightening but how on earth you do that I haven't a clue , hugs.

  5. Very glad to see your news hunny.. you're ok? I hope that you're all better now.. that's how it sounds ;) but again I miss your posts and your smily comments on my blog :) sigh!!
    Anyway.. hugs to yuor wat, take care, and enjoy those boots :)

  6. Oh my goodness me ! Well, at least the Coastguard will be able to see you !! ;o)

    Big pink and purple hugs,

    Jo x

  7. Waouh!!!! What fantastic boots!!!! They look fab... might invest in a pair myself!!!!!!!!

  8. As for parents, well... I know the feeling... when do they EVER agree with our choices???

  9. Boots are great!

    Perhaps we should get your mum and my m-i-l together for a good old whinge! Sorry to hear you're still having probs., I long for the day my m-i-l starts to see our way just a tiny bit. Elle

  10. Love the DMs... Hope your Mum eventually sees that you are doing a wonderful thing for your children. Rebecca x x

  11. Anonymous9:07 pm

    Amazin boots!

    I am sorry about your mum's comments. It can be tiresome to have to field those kind of negative undermining words from those we are close to.

    I think what helps is to have a store of stock replies.

    EF x