Tuesday, November 11, 2008

{Another one done and dusted}

Well today was the day of our annual LEA visit. I know that some of you reading this won't agree with us having them - but they work out as an easy option for us. We have had the same lovely lady since we started - it's like having a friend over for a chat. I love the discussions we have - everything from her family (a new grandchild this time), to her Australia visits, to the education system. Diverse and interesting.

I know I haven't updated for a while - we have been busy. Busy preparing for the visit, putting together work and sorting out our "schoolroom" displays. We have just started a number of projects for the winter 08/09 term -

Looking a bit sparse at the moment, but the spaces will soon be filled :o) As you may be able to see, our current projects include:
  • The Solar System
  • Recycling
  • The Great Space Race
  • Famous People through history (display not shown)

So be prepared for updates of how we are getting on with it all :o)

Hmm, what else have we been doing in our absence. Well, during the half term week, Joseph took part in a football training 2 day scheme. He thoroughly enjoyed it, seemed to get on well with the others, and I was very proud of his enthusiasm to join in with whatever they asked of him. It must have been tough, going along to something on his own, knowing no one. All of the others seemed to know each other either through schools or football teams, so for Joe it must have been daunting trying to fit in. He came home with a certificate and a t-shirt, along with many new skills and tips he had learnt.

Chelsea has been spending a lot of time with the girl next door. So nice for her to have a girl of her own age living so close after a few years of having to put up with boys lol.

Tiegan is still very much enjoying her Rainbows. She seems to have slotted into the whole group dynamics thing very well, and literally skips along the road each week when we walk there. She also seems to be learning a fair bit from the activities they do which is good - this week it was about Bonfire Night, the previous week it was Bugs.

Callum really is the dream child. Enthusiastic about everything, wanting to learning about all that goes on around him, thoroughly enjoying being a little computer whizz, playing on neopets and club penguin websites. He is like a little sponge, soaking up knowledge - knowing his letters and being able to count easily to around 50. He makes us all laugh with his comical facial expressions, his cute sayings, and the way he emulates his favourite WWE wrestling stars.


  1. Lovely displays Jules, good to har it's all going so well.

    Well done to Joe for the footy thing, glad he got so much out of it.

    You're definitely updatig more than I am, I'd even lost my blog ady until a kind friend emailed me with it earlier, lol!


  2. Anonymous7:08 am

    I see you've been busy!
    The LEA lady doesn't come to our home, i prefer to go to their offices.
    The visit is for the 25 november for Joseph but he doesn't want to go so i'll go on my own.
    It's a different lady from Sarah but i am sure she will be nice.

  3. I'm pleased it's all going well for you darling , I didn't realise I'd missed a post. Your displays look very interesting. Feels good when the visit is out of the way doesn't it :)

  4. hello again. Hope all well with you - have just been travelling round the ring performing some much needed maintenance. Good to read you again.

  5. Thanks for leaving a comment about the rats Jules. It was lovely to hear from you - hope you're all doing well. Elaine (Elle)

  6. Happy New Year Jules

  7. Hi Jules, love seeing the wall displays. Don't know if you've heard of the site 'Education City' if you have then ignore me!!!!

    You can have a free trial, it's an extra learning tool. They use this at Shane's school, and now he can do his homework on there too.