Sunday, February 15, 2009

{Another Zoo Trip}

We spent a few hours of our Valentines Day having a family trip to Paignton Zoo. It was lovely. We had a chuckle in the entrance when one of the staff members came over to admire my bright pink DM's that I was wearing. The weather was dull, but quite warm and it stayed dry, so we have to be thankful. I of course took far too many photos, some of which I will share here.

I love this picture of the babboons nit picking - isn't the baby so cute!

A peeking Marmot.

One of the giraffes.

Me with Tiegan and Callum.

Joe in a bubble...

Callum with his beloved "Mr Purple" - a cuddly dog that goes literally everywhere with him.

One of the elephants.

The Lion.

We are lucky to have annual membership to the zoo until the end of July. We bought it last year when Lee was working or else we wouldn't have been able to afford to have gone today. It was another lovely family day - I'm really enjoying spending time as a family at the moment.


  1. Fabulous photos. You are lucky to have such brilliant places to visit on your doorstep.

    Any chance I can add you to my Facebook Friends? Elaine

  2. Great photos - I love the one of the baboons, and the giraffe one - we have a soft spot here for giraffes :-)