Friday, February 13, 2009

{Family Walk at Cockington Park}

As the weather was dry today, we went along to Cockington Country Park, with the dog. As a family we really enjoy walking, and it's always nice to stroll through beautiful countryside and watch the children and the dog running free. I actually remembered to take the camera so I'll share a few too many pictures.

Cockington is a real "Chocolate Box" village, full of thatched cottages and winding streams, it's so pretty. Even on a dull day it looks so quaint.

We walked around the Manor House grounds, and went passed the old Gamekeepers cottage. The earliest record of this cottage dates back to 1517, when the gamekeeper was employed to tend to the rabbits in the surrounding fields.

Our beautiful dog Kira does love her long off lead walks. I love this picture of her - she looks so happy.

In the Manor House grounds there is a lake which contains large carp and is home to many ducks - a couple of which were kind enough to pose very nicely for the camera...

All in all it was a lovely family walk.


  1. Love the duck photo - amazing - so close up.

  2. Lovely photo of you and Callum! You look like you're getting younger--it's not fair!