Friday, March 06, 2009

{Torquay Museum Visit}

Today we joined one of the local home-ed groups and headed off to Torquay Museum. Now, at this point, I should shamefully admit that despite living in the area for over 20 years, I have never ever set foot in there before - that's bad isn't it?!
Anyway, that aside, we had a rather lovely day. A talk about Charles Darwin had been arranged, and actually it was very interesting and rather informative - certainly my lot were given food for thought as we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening fielding questions about theories and evolution. I enjoy days like this when an interest and enthusiam has been "sparked".
So, here are the pictures:
This display is at the top of the staircase of the entrance hall...
After the Darwin talk, we were able to get a closer look (and feel) of some of the exhibited animals.

Hmmm, these lot were meant to be listening to the talk about the animals...

Rhino and Hyena skulls...

In the galleries, some of the displays were pretty fab. Callum loved this Anaconda...

There is a gallery with "Old Devon Farm Cottage" type displays...

and Egytian displays...

All in all it was a really pleasant day, one I am certainly glad we participated in. It actually gave us a lot of food for thought with regards to our home-ed group life, and once home we discussed how we would all like to be more involved in the groups again. We have talked about the possibility of setting up our own Teignbridge and Torbay area group - not to compete with those already available - but to run in addition. We are happy to host the group at our home, at least initially, and we see it is as more of a social meeting get together rather than a "learning group", although obviously activities and crafts can be brought along if desired. You wouldn't have to make a weekly/fortnightly/monthly commitment, it would just be a group to dip in and out of as wanted, whether we meet up here, or head for a local park or beach for picnics etc. If any local HErs are interested in being involved or exchanging ideas, please email me at


  1. Looks so awesome!

  2. It's nice t spark their enthusiasm with visits to places like that. It sounds like they learn't alot.

  3. Looks like a fun trip!