Monday, April 20, 2009

{All Change - New "School" Room}

We've had a busy but very fruitful day today, one of those days when you can sit back and reflect and think we did ok :o)
The morning started with a quick visit to the library. The children came home with a variety of books, both fiction and non-fiction, whilst I chose one book about the history of our village. I have a plan that we will put together a children's guide to our village. If successful, I would like to run off a few copies and give them to our library, I know that the children would like the idea of others enjoying their efforts. Anyway, we returned home and the children all immediately opened their books and started reading - so I left them to it and decided to potter about and tidy up our "school" area. Why is it, that my "tidy up" always leads to a huge mega rearrange and sort out?
I have moved our "school room" back to the back room - and it now looks like this...
View from the Doorway

I wish my window had overlooked palm trees when I was at school...

To see the photos with explanation notes added, you can visit the set on flickr here...


  1. Hi Julia! I'm so glad to have found your home educating blog again - the link to it disappeared from your signature and I thought you'd stopped writing it. I don't have children, but if I did, I'd love to home educate them (would impress my parents (not!) - they were both teachers!), and I find what you write totally inspirational.

    I have to ask - where do you craft now?? This looks like your craft room....


  2. Wow Julia just been reading your blog and having a good catch up, so lovely to see the kids enjoying the home ed and the new school room looks fantastic i am sure they will all enjoy working in such a nice bright room with a fab view.

    The caterpillars made me go yuck at first, but such a fantastic thing for them to watch and understand the cycle as well.

    Sarah x

  3. Love the artwork on your walls.