Friday, April 24, 2009

{Feeling Yuck}

I have had a horrid few days of feeling really rough. Awful flu like symtoms that have really knocked me back. The children have been pretty good and managed to just get on with what they could.

So, what has been happening? Well, Wednesday was the worst day for me, with sickness thrown into the mix. Chelsea was really good and got on with things without being asked - she covered Numeracy, Literacy, and started a project on Italy. She also sat with Tiegan and helped her with a Maths workbook. Joseph read the Our Island Story for me - that's our family chapter book at the moment that we read together. He also did part of his Maths workbook, and a bit of copywork - copying a poem from a book, then illustrating it.

Our caterpillars were checked and were growing nicely - I took this picture..

Thursday was a great day for Tiegan as it was her first day at Brownies! She thoroughly enjoyed her Rainbows experience and was eagerly anticipating Brownies, so much so I was nervous about it living up to her expectations. It seems that my worries were unfounded though as Tiegan came out afterwards absolutely buzzing with excitement and chatterings about how it all went and what they did. I knew she was going to be alright though when we walked in and she was immediately surrounded by her new pals with crys of "oh it's Tiegan!" from those she had met previously at Rainbows, arms flung around her, the works. Very cute and reassuring to see.

Today (Friday) was a disappointing one in that we were meant to be joining the local HE group for a visit to a Deer Farm. I really just couldn't face it though, still not feeling at full strength, and Callum was still suffering from a horrendously snotty nose (sorry for the graphic description) so we thought it best to rest ourselves and protect others from our lurgy. Instead I have had another day of resting and wiping Callum's nose - whilst the children pottered around on laptops, projects, workbooks and playing with the kids next door (who weren't at school again...) I ordered Tiegan's Brownie uniform :o)

I took photos of the caterpillars who have made yet more progress on the growth front...

I am strangely fascinated by the process, I really should grow up I think, but I think this is part of the fun of home-educating I guess, being involved and experiencing what the children experience. I wouldn't change it, even on days when we struggle to keep everything together.


  1. Like the new website front page doo-dah, Jules :) Glad things are going well despite the illness, hope you all feel better soon xx.

  2. Get well soon Jules.

    I completely agree with you over the caterpillars (or anything similar). I think sometimes I find the whole learning thing far more exciting them my two children!

    I look forward to following your caterpillars until they turn into butterflies.

  3. hope you'refeeling better xx

  4. Jules ... where are you ? Worried about you 'cos your Creative Makes blog has disappeared and you haven't posted here since April.
    Hope you and the family are ok.