Sunday, April 12, 2009

{Plans 2009}

This will be added to and adjusted as time progresses.

Plans 2009

General Ideas
· Increase family cooking and baking sessions.
· Record progress of our Vegetable Garden.
· Increase amount of Arts & Crafts to include various mediums, including clay, paints, fimo, and Salt Dough. Encourage each child to try various crafts to include knitting, sewing, cardmaking, scrapbooking etc.
· Make more use of the library – weekly visits?
· Butterfly Project – Life cycles, caring for living creatures.
· Middle Ages history project.
· History and geography of Dartmoor.
· Science Projects – Weekly Project to include written, illustrated, photographs, and experiments.
· Countries – Fortnightly Project; Cooking, Crafts, History of, Present day life, Geography, Climate, Famous events, Famous People, Wars/Disputes.
· More poems and story writing.
· Family Reading sessions.
· Plan, write, and create puppets for a puppet show which can be filmed on completion.
· Making use of time when walking the dog – Walks by theme, such as Alphabet, Colours, Smells, Animals, Flowers.
· Photography – Daily themes? Alphabet, shapes, expressions, movement, nature, weather.

I also want us to be involved in the groups more, getting to know and spending time with local home-educating families.

Chelsea 2009

As general plus -

· Maths work – textbook and everyday life, build confidence in ability.
· Introduce running a home – Meal planning, bill payments, managing budgets etc.
· Work through Human Anatomy and Physiology book with me.

Joseph 2009

As general plus:

· Handwriting and spelling work – encourage an increase in neatness and concentration.
· Encourage more out loud reading where possible to help with speech.
· Joseph would like to do his own project on the History of Football, to include changes through the ages, famous footballers through history, league tables – history of and how they work, and football disasters.

Tiegan 2009

As general plus -

· How flowers and vegetables grow – Tiegan has developed a keen interest in gardening which I would like to encourage and facilitate. It was at her suggestion that we have planted various vegetables this year, and she has shown great enthusiasm for learning more.
· Introducing Lapbooking – this is something that we have touched upon before, but I think Tiegan is now ready to progress further.
· Volcanoes – At her request, along with Callum.
· Handwriting – concentrating on neatness; letter size, spacing, capital letters.
· Maths – Basics, textbook and everyday. Introduce Timetables.
· Reading – Tiegan is already a (self taught) fluent reader, but I would like to encourage her to read with expression and think of the context the words are written.

Callum 2009

Callum will more than likely join in with whatever he likes the look of when we are doing group work together. In addition to this, I’d also like to facilitate his interests which currently include –
· Volcanoes
· Sharks
· Dinosaurs
· Vegetable Garden

I am planning on introducing Callum to lapbooking as a way of collating what we do.
I’d also like to encourage Callum to try more arts and crafts.


  1. Sounds great Jules!

  2. Wow - you seem so organised! I suppose its just a case of putting down on paper whats in your head, it tends to stay in my head and somehow feels more chaotic! Sounds like your kids are going to have an interesting and fun year :)

  3. Your plans are great! Our approach is less formal; we find that our kids cover most things through what we do - we run a business from home and do as much self-sufficiency as we can, catching/gathering food, growing veg, diy.....etc. It is ideally suited to home-ed (or learning through living)! You are certainly covering masses of stuff. Isn't it funny how you neglect the things close to you, eg the museums? We have tried to get round most of our local things but there are plently still to do!