Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"School Time"

It's so good to be back into the swing of things again - my enthusiasm for Home-Ed had dwindled a little and so we were just trundling along with no particular routine going on, and our family just doesn't work well that way.
After my "spring cleaning" session of yesterday, the children were looking forward to trying out their new "classroom" and even went so far as calling me Miss...and giggling everytime they did so. We covered a little Maths together, Tiegan did a bit of work on sentence building, Chelsea wrote a sweet poem about Kira, and Joseph read poems from his football poem book to keep us all amused. Then Tiegan read her modernised version of Princess and the Pea that she borrowed from the library - and Chelsea read us all a chapter of Twilight, her new book (which was a bargain price of £3.87 at Asda if anyone is interested and doesn't want to wait for delivery...)
As you can see in the picture, Callum joined in. He has a workbook to encourage pencil control. He is supposed to draw over various shapes, silly patterns, pictures etc. He didn't want to do it today, but insisted on doing work like the others, but nothing I offered was right, so we came to a compromise. He drew over it with his finger, and I did it with the pencil - at least one of us has good pencil control now... ;o)
(Btw, it's just the photo making it look really dark - we don't work in the dark honest!! lol)

This was a "lightbulb moment" when Tiegan finally understood something that had been perplexing her for a while - so nice to catch this moment of hi-5 congratulations from Joe. I love the way they help and encourage each other.

Tiegan's reading session...

and Joseph reading his football poems...

Our caterpillars have grown amazingly fast already - we have all been surprised by their growth in just a few days.

I'm happy now as their future home has arrived and I no longer have visions of last minute panics to find them a suitable container when needed - I do like to be organised lol. Along with the butterfly kit, I also bought a simple (and cheap) plastic model set that shows the various lifecycle stages.

It has proved to be a hit with the children, and Callum has been "playing teacher" and telling us about the different stages from egg to butterfly. Very cute.

Talking of cute - Callum had us all giggling yesterday with something he said. He asked Chelsea something and Chelsea said "You'd better ask your Mother..."

Callum - "What's her name?"

Chelsea - "Julia"

Callum - "Where is she?"

Chelsea - "There, next to you!"

Callum - Looking at me with the utmost confusion - "Nooooo, that's Mummy!!! Silly Chelsea!"

I love my life....

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  1. Sounds like things are hopping at your place. The new school room looks great! Callum is simply too cute!! I don't blame you for loving your life - you have alot of it to love! :o)

    PS-We have our inspection tomorrow morning with our new inspector! *gulp*