Sunday, April 19, 2009

{We have Caterpillars!}

At long last, finally, we have caterpillars!!! I have wanted to do a Butterfly project for years, almost since the beginning of our home-educating adventures, but have never got around to actually doing anything about it. Yes, we have discussed the life stages of course, and touched on various aspects of growth and development - but I wanted to give the children an opportunity to experience it first hand, in front of their eyes so to speak.

To help with this, I have purchased this kit from Insectlore, which includes live caterpillars. We have 5 little wriggly jiggly things in a pot as I type. We haven't yet received their new home to be, but at least progress in the long waited for project has been made :o)

The children are, as to be expected I guess, pleased with the new arrivals. Well, Chelsea and Joseph are pretending to be uninterested, they are obviously too old to be concerned with such creatures - I won't mention that I have seen them have sneaky little peeks more than once - or that Chelsea was sat talking to the little fella's this morning when she thought no one was looking..., but both Tiegan and Callum are suitably obsessed. Callum doesn't think that they will be turning into butterflies though, he would prefer worms if possible. I guess that will be learning curve...

So, be warned - plenty of photos and general progress obsessiveness will follow. I apologise in advance for any offence this may cause...


  1. hiya sweetie , I've just been looking at your website , it's luvverly :-)
    6 years, crikey time flies! xx

  2. Wow - love the new look blog :-)
    Sounds as if you guys are doing really well!
    Love and hugs for all