Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Busy Tuesday...

It's so nice to be back in the land of the living again. I've had far too much time away by myself - wallowing in self-pity and seeing no way out of our dark situation. At last I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I've dragged myself back to join in society again :o)

So, this morning started off with the children doing their "work". Each have got their own individual projects going on at the moment. As they chose the subject matter for themselves, they are more than happy to get the books out with little encouragement from me. Joseph is very much into Aliens and UFOs. He has been busy finding any relevant programmes and books, as well as trawling the Internet. We have had discussions about believing all that we see, about making up our own minds, and about checking sources.

Chelsea is researching fashion design. She is becoming really individual in her tastes which is great - I've never wanted my children to just follow the crowd. You will see her individuality shining through in a minute when you view the purple hair and bright stripy socks she has been wearing today!

Tiegan has been totally taken over by reading gremlins. Her head is hardly ever out a book! Her current favourite is the Naughtiest Girl in the School series by Enid Blyton - books that bring back really great memories for me as a child. She whizzes through them at quite an alarming rate, then talks about them endlessly. She is meant to be doing a project on her beloved garden/vegetable growing, but the reading keeps getting in the way for now.

Callum thoroughly enjoys sitting at the table with the others and playing at schools. He finds books to look through, draws pictures, talks to each child about what they are doing, and asks a million questions. He is a little star really, always happy, always smiling, always lighting up our days.

Whilst the children were busy doing their thing - I sat with them and designed some stationary for Perkypigs. I typed speculative letters to send to the local letting agencies, and printed some flyers and postcards to deliver through doors and place in shop windows.

After lunch we went into town as Lee (husband) had to go to the job centre. I popped a few of the postcards in various shops, and bought a new "business" diary - pink polkadot - perfect for Perkypigs! I also did something that I haven't done for ages, which was to do a trawl of the charity shops :o) I was actually looking for some more Enid Blyton books for Tiegs, but instead found a Dingbats game for the children, a new book that I want to use as our family read-a-loud, an Alien investigation book, 3 brand new CPG revision books at an absolute bargain price, and a box set of the Rainbow Fairies books which Tiegan adores.

When we got home, we all went off to do our own seperate things. Joseph read the Alien book, then went on the computer, whilst Chelsea, Callum and Tiegan played Dingbats...

The children then noticed the rain had stopped and decided to go out to play for a while. After having a quick browse in the garden, Tiegan discovered we had beans!! She proudly picked her first batch.

Tiegan has to take full credit for these - she has tended to them daily, and looked after them so well - she fully deserved to have that proud moment when we all said how tasty they were served up with our cottage pie.


  1. Good to see you back Jules!

    Can't believe how those children have grown up!


  2. Thanks Linda :o)

    They are growing up way too fast aren't they? Time is whizzing!

    Hugs x

  3. How busy you all are, home educating, own business and your crafts! Hope the beans taste as delicious as they look with tonight’s meal! I love your web pages too

  4. Welcome back!!! Congrats to Tiegan on her beans! Sounds like everything is still going at full tilt in your home. What happened to the purple hair?!

  5. Nice to see you again Jules! Missed you around here. Sounds like a very succesfull 'troll' to me! Well done bargain shopping. - Deedee