Thursday, July 23, 2009

A little visitor...

We spent a busy day in the garden today - general tidying and cutting the lawn. Whilst Lee was strimming the edges, this little fella popped out to say hello.

Oh how close he came to being - well, it's not very nice to think about...

The children have helped in the garden, but also done lots of their own things - reading, writing stories, drawing pictures, going on the internet etc etc. The fairy book set is getting lots of use, and not just by Tiegan.

It's not the clearest of photos - I think little fingers may have had a play with the camera settings when I wasn't looking.


  1. Kieran has read a couple of the Fairy books as well, and has started on the Animal Ark books. I've ordered him lots of books for himself. Series like the Magic Tree House and an American one called Nate the Great. Isn't it great when it just 'comes' to them as it did with Tiegan?

    Glad the frog was spared!

  2. Yes, I agree - it's an amazing feeling when the reading just seems to "click" into place :o)