Monday, July 27, 2009

Our day...

Well, I put the plan into force - apart from doing "necessary" things, like picture uploading to flickr and this blog post - I haven't wasted my time on the internet today. Hurray! Actually, it's been a really enjoyable day and has opened my eyes up to just how much I was missing even in just that hour or so.

Our first stop today was the library. I had a reminder a few days ago about an overdue library book. I was pretty sure that I had taken it back, but did turn the house upside down looking for it just in case. No joy, so this morning I marched over to the library to see if they had it on their shelves. They did. Problem solved, no hastle. The children took the opportunity to get more books out, Chelsea chose a few story books, as well as a couple on Ancient Egypt and one on Russia. Joseph naturally chose a variety of books on a football theme as well as a book about Winston Churchill, whilst dear Tiegan picked out 3 of the fairy books from the same series as her beloved Rainbow Fairies. I had a bit of a scoot around and found that they had some new craft books on the shelves, so I came out armed with two knitting and one crochet book.

We came home, managing to miss the showers, and everyone settled down to read their books.

I had a flick through mine and decided my first knitted project after having a break, should be easy. I chose a knitted bag and made a start on it whilst the children were busying themselves.

The colour is quite different to that shown in the photo - it's actually more of a burnt orange sort of shade.

After lunch was devoured and enjoyed (home-made rice pudding with fruit, yum!) we went for a walk with the dog. The children took their cameras hoping to get a few shots for their new nature journal. Sadly, we kept getting caught by rain showers so not many pictures were taken, but they did get a few reasonable pictures anyway.

Once home and dried off, the children went back to reading their library books again, so I took the opportunity to do a bit more knitting and prepared dinner. Soon it was time for family reading. I read aloud from our current chapter book - The Mouse and his Child by Russell Hoban, and Chelsea read a chapter from one of her new library books - Lizzie's Wish by Adele Geras.
Afterwards I sat with the three older children and talked to them about the photo prompt HS:MS:HS blog. All were interested in taking part, and set out thinking what today's prompt "Tool" meant to them. Here are their efforts.

and one from me...


  1. we have an egg timer but ours is white :)

  2. Hiya , it'd be good if you'd pop your knitting on A Crafty Blog :-)

    erm less time on the laptop eek shhh!

  3. Great photos--I'm going to check out that link. Don't forget about Sketch Tuesday if any of the kids like to draw.

  4. Love the idea of family photos, would love it if my family got involved.

  5. Sounds like a great day! Thanks for stopping by both my blogs. Great to have you around again. Missed you! :o) - Deedee

  6. will check out your link.

    The "missing library book/s" lark happens alot to us, it really winds me up (but is a good excuse to make the kids really tidy their rooms when searching). So far, the books have always been on the shelves of the library, which makes it even more frustrating.