Tuesday, September 08, 2009

{"But the Whale wanted to be free - and it needed a pen in case it wanted to write to us...."}

Hmm, odd title isn't it? But it is a quote from our darling Callum. He decided to "free" his whale bath toy. How? By flushing it down the toilet of course, along with a flannel to wash with, and a pen in case he wants to write to us. Oh dear. Yes, the toilet got blocked and needed to be removed from the wall to un-block it - hence us finding the culprit. Goodness only knows what else has managed to make a break for freedom. I'm mysteriously missing two of my rings - although Callum has denied anything to do with them. Kids are just great aren't they? :oD

So that was a good start to the day. What else did we get up to...erm, oh yes, we did our family read-aloud. Currently we are reading The Mouse and His Child by Russell Hoban. Thoroughly enjoying it too, although it has been a little sad in parts. After that we all sat and looked through the Usborne Children's Book of Art together. It was very interesting, and I think we all learnt something. The children were full of enthusiasm and ideas afterwards and they went off to draw, armed with oil pastels, chalk pastels, crayons, and pencils. Chelsea did a fabulous self-portrait which I must take a picture of. Tiegan did a very sweet self-portrait too, drawing herself with a princess crown. Interesting to see how she pictures herself ;o) Joseph decided to draw some still life items, and ended up with a picture of a can of coke and a few fruits. Callum drew a picture of his daddy :o)

Whilst they were busily drawing (and later on reading and discussing the World Wars again), I made some changes.

Yep, I'm at it again. Re-organising, changing rooms, or making more of a mess. I'm not sure which category it falls into ;o) I spent the afternoon changing things around. We now have most of the "school" type stuff in the large dining room - a much better use of that space me thinks. By "school" stuff, I mean microscopes, electronic kits, etc etc. I moved the bookshelves from out of the hall (wow, the hall looks huge now!) into the dining room. This was a job in itself, but it did give me the chance to thoroughly clean and dust the shelves and books. Yuk - just how does so much stuff manage to accumulate behind the shelves? The books are now cleaned and placed in some sort of order back on the shelves. I must make labels to make it easy for the children to find what they are looking for. I talked to the children about wall displays, and they want to allocate a wall space per subject. Initially their idea was to have a wall for each child, but after discussing things they decided that too many projects are family ones and it would mean splitting up the work. I think we may have difficulty with the subject walls in that respect too, as most of our projects are also cross-curricular, but we shall have to see how things work. At least we can have posters in the correct wall area anyway. I'm really happy with how it looks. We've got the large dining table in the middle of the room, but have turned it lengthways to suit the room now and give more space near the bookshelves. We have got a desk at the bottom window, which can be used for whatever it's needed for. I've seen it used for reading and computer work so far. The changes have meant that I've lost the desk from out of my craft room, but I'm sure I can work around that somehow. We've still got another table in the craft room which we can use for painting or model making etc - it's great for things that need to be left out to dry.

I'll add pictures soon when it's all done. I do love making changes, and going through the bookshelves so thoroughly has meant we have found lots of books that had been forgotten, so they will keep us busy for a while :o)


  1. Oh Jules ... you are so industrious and so considerate of making sure that your home, which also has to be your children's learning environment, is a happy place where they will be comfortable at all times, regardless whether they are occupied with 'family stuff' or 'classroom stuff' or indeed both which I know is often the case.
    Looking forward to seeing the photos.

    BTW ... thanks for relating the tale of the "Whale Who Wanted To Be Free" ... gave me a right giggle, bless his heart. Not sure I'd've found it quite so amusing if it had been my loo that was blocked though.


  2. "The Whale Who Wanted to be Free"!!!! Your poor toilet!

    I loved your comment, and of course I always welcome a follow...I like your blog as well. I'll be homeschooling (or something like that) my little one when the time comes...it's always good to hear of others doing the same :-)

  3. Oh bless him. Hehehe.

    I'm getting alittle nervous about Rye's ventures into the bathroom these days, I keep seeing him eyeing up his toy submarine and the toilet and I just know what's going through his little head! Hence bath toys are now kept out of reach lol. I'm sure he'll find something to put down the loo though - it's kind of a kiddy initiation isn't it lol