Monday, September 21, 2009

{Out and About}

We have had a pleasant weekend. Saturday was a quiet one, we pottered around in the garden for a while, had a nice (long) walk to the supermarket, took Kira for a run at the park, and just generally spent time together as a family.
On Sunday we went over to visit my parents, set up their webcam for them, took over some photos of the children, and gave them a bag of beans picked from our garden. I think it was the last of the crop, but we have done tremendously well for our first year.
We left my parents and headed over to Haldon for a walk through the woods.

Then we came home and explored the garden for things to photograph. It's amazing how many things we don't see until we *look* for them.


  1. I'm working on encouraging looking atm, we went on a nature walk yesterday.

  2. Must admit I tend to focus on getting where I'm going and doing what I'm doing, so very rarely do I truly look at what is happening around me. Your photo's are lovely, especially the fushia.

    Just wondering did you get my e-mail?


  3. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Hi Hun...
    once again just lovely to see, and yes it is suprising what goes on around you and you don't take any notice...
    hope your well.
    Hugs Angel

  4. Such lovely photos, thank you for sharring, Callum makes me smile so much with Mr Purple! :)

  5. Photography is a good medium for educating your children and the photographs show they understand that.