Friday, September 11, 2009

{Outdoor Lessons}

Once again we were spoilt by the fabulous weather, and once again it was far too nice to stay indoors. Once we had done the necessary jobs at home, we packed up lunch, our art supplies, a few books, and headed off down to the park.

This was our "classroom"...

We read another chapter of The Mouse and his Child whilst eating lunch. Then the children played on the play equipment for a while.

Then we started to make a few sketches of what was around us...

and I took some more photos...

We are going through a really good spell at the moment, I'm absolutely loving all the time I am spending with the children and the conversations we are having. Idyllic really, just idyllic.

Right, must go and walk the dog, and then Tiegan has been begging to do the "Egg in Vinegar experiment", so will set that up too.

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  1. Anonymous9:38 pm

    Hi Julia...

    You should be so proud of yourself what you do, how i wish i could teach mine at home, would save all the heart ache.
    I can only apologise that i have never noticed this on your blog before, sorry poppet.
    Follower now, will defo pop on and nosey around, been quiet hun, hope your ok...
    OH BTW your kiddies are just adorable..
    Hugs Angel