Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Our day has been a good one so far. Chelsea has written a book review on one of her library books and reading books about the Human Body (with astounding interest I might add!) Joseph has been reading his library books and entertaining Callum on the trampoline outside (enjoying the sunshine, it's gorgeous here!) He has also helped me make the labels for the bookshelves. Tiegan has been drawing and writing lots of little stories, and all of the children have been on the laptop at some point to do various activities. We have even managed to walk the dog twice.

The "school" room is looking good. I do hesitate to give it a name really as it is just another room in our house and we certainly don't refer to it as the school room! It just makes it easier to describe on the blog really. I've taken a few pictures of it in it's current state. We are just waiting for more stuff to be churned out to add to the walls.

This is the view from the doorway. On the left there is a wall that you can't see in the photo - this will be the literacy wall for poems and stories, and book reviews etc. Apologies for its scruffiness. As you can see from the picture, the ceiling needs repairing and we refuse to decorate the room until it's done :o)

The science corner - the cabinet top can be used for experiments etc if necessary.

The bookshelves - all in order of subjects and labelled for ease of use. We have got a library bookshelf again - woohooo - hopefully no more lost library books! (ok ok, I'm kidding myself I know *shrug*).

Our sunny corner - can be used for anything, but the Geography work will be displayed here.

The cabinet is where we store various "learning" things like the microscope, electronics set, flashcards etc etc. The "neat" stuff is at the bottom of the glass part, the not so nice to look at stuff is hidden in the cupboard ;o)

Right must go and continue watching The Lost Land of the Volcano with the children, then go and make some french bread pizzas with the littlies...


  1. Love the human body poster - where did you get it??
    Would love to have a good nose through your bookshelf ;)

  2. looks great , love all your books x

  3. K - I've commented a reply to your question on your blog :)

    Thanks Arlenkern, we have built up quite a collection - many are charity shop bargains that were too good to miss!

  4. We have a room like that which used to be called the playroom then the school room but Girl 2 didn't like that so now she calls it her learning room! Yours is way tidier though, makes me feel like organising mine!