Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's Christmas Time!

My favourite time of year, although I'm sure I'd love it even more if money wasn't an issue!  I love the atmosphere, the whole magical for children thing, I am a big kid at heart and get really wrapped up in the excitement.  Callum is absolutely loving it this year, getting totally involved, and counting down the days.  Each morning he awakes and mutters "7/6/5 sleeps until Christmas".  It's clearly the first thing that he thinks of as he opens his eyes - bless him.

Our tree is up and decorated, and has been since December 1st.  We were one of the first in our village this year - nagging children won!  But when you see faces such as this...

You realise just what a treasured moment it is for a child.  Special.

The children have had emailed video messages from Santa, and are all looking forward to tracking the ol' fella on Christmas Eve courtesy of Norad.  Santa tracking has become somewhat of a tradition in our household (with grandparents joining in too!)  It's a shame really as Joseph's birthday gets all wrapped up in the Christmas festivities no matter how hard we try to separate it.  He doesn't seem to mind though, but I still have those guilt pangs.

In amongst all of the Christmas preparations (just how much shopping can one family need to do???), we had visitors!  How lovely it was to meet a new home-educating family who have joined the village very recently.  It was lovely to finally meet Mirjam and her lovely boys after we had been emailing back and forth for a short while.  It is so nice having another HEing family so close by, it seems to make all the difference regarding that feeling of isolation.  The children seemed to get on ok despite the obvious language barrier.  Obviously Wii games are universal and appeal to everyone :)  The youngest two boys were happily sharing a singing snowman snowglobe, so they had a common bond too.  Photos of the meeting can be seen here (with a google translator in the sidebar).

Tomorrow is my mums birthday, so we are picking up some flowers we've ordered, before heading on over to visit her and my dad.  We've got a few Christmas cards to deliver en-route, so I'm hoping that the roads are quiet(ish) and not icy.  We have been lucky enough to escape the horrendous conditions that some people are suffering elsewhere, but I have to confess that a light splattering of snow would be most welcome by our family.  Snow around Christmas time just adds to that festive feeling of the season don't you think?  How lovely it would be to awaken on Christmas morning to a white carpet in the garden.


  1. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Wishing you (& family) a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Best Wishes, Miles.

  2. Thank you Miles, wishing you and yours all the happiness that the season can bring, and a wonderful, prosperous, and healthy 2010.

  3. :)
    When is Joseph's birthday?

    Hope you'll have wonderful days!