Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Today has been one of those days that have just gone right.  Blissful.  I went off into town this morning, and when I returned (armed with a few charity shop found bargain books), Chelsea happily reeled off all that she had done with Callum in my absence.  They had read stories, played "Little Explorers", and talked about France.  Chelsea had shown Callum where France was on the globe, and he gleefully showed me where it was when I got home :o)

After lunch we walked to the local library (literally a minute away from home).  The children chose a variety of books as per usual - everything from Venomous Spiders to Victorian England.  We went home and had a family reading session.  We read a chapter from each of - Our Island Story by H.E Marshall and Kings and Things by the same author.  We then followed that with a few pages of My Story, The Battle of Britain by Chris Priestley.  Joseph in particular loved the later as it fits in nicely with his current interest.

The children then went off to do their own separate things.  Chelsea worked through some of her Maths textbook. She has become really motivated all of a sudden to (and I quote) "suss it".  She soon moved on to working on her India lapbook, whilst Tiegan read up on Spiders for hers.  Joseph wanted to read more about the Aztecs, and then moved onto writing about life during WW2.  Callum played on the Wii.

I sat and thought about things.  I haven't been feeling in tip-top health of late. Very tired and achey, sometimes agitated and stressed for no real reason, and no appetite at all.  I could happily go all day without eating as I just don't feel at all hungry.  I have to remind myself and thus force myself to eat.  At night I don't feel tired, and instead stay awake in bed with a hundred plans and ideas rushing through my mind. It's like I can't switch off.  It's strange and frustrating because in myself, I feel so very happy.  Happier than I have been for a long long time, as if I've finally accepted who I am and where my life is heading, and I love it.  My marriage is good, my husband is wonderful, my children are beautiful and amazing.  I just don't get why I have this tiredness and agitation thing going on.  I researched diet and herbal supplements to see if anything could help my symptoms and have bought a couple of things to try, so we shall see.  Hopefully I shall be able to give a positive update on this soon :)


  1. Anonymous9:41 am

    I was very tired and had lost my appetite a few years ago and I went to a nutritionist to discover I was completely lacking in minerals and vitamins. The doctor told me nothing was wrong and referred me to a psychologist. But I too was very happy and nothing was going on in my life to cause it. It took me about 3 months to pick up on a really stong dose of minerals and vitamins.

  2. Nutrition is very important! My mom went to a nature/natural (don't know the right word ;)) doctor, and she told her what she could eat. She's feeling so much better! And I feel a lot better when I'm nót eating sugar or non-natural ingredients!!