Monday, January 25, 2010

A day with friends...

We have had such a lovely day today, just one of those days that make me smile just thinking about. The morning was spent doing nothing very special, erm, cleaning the fridge actually (I'm going through a cleaning and homemaking phase, don't ask me why because I don't know - and no, I'm not pregnant). I'm just trying to get things sorted and organised. We are waiting on a couple of jobs to be done before I can really get stuck into organising - the flat roof on the extension needs sorting out, then we can re-decorate the downstairs room and make it into our Arts/Crafts space. This will free-up space in the back room and we can start making that into a quiet room/toy storage room/reading room etc. Time will tell what that turns into really. The children will sort out what they want it to be :o)

Anyway, the best part of the day came soon after lunch when our friends arrived. This was only our third meeting, but oh what a difference. The children were relaxed and eager to go and play, and that meant that us mums could giggle and laugh, put the world to rights, giggle and laugh some more, eat cake, and finally (yes finally!!!) get something sorted about starting a local group.

Starting a group for those of us home-educating around the Teignbridge/Torbay area has been discussed for a long time. Although many were positive about the idea, nobody seemed to want to bite the bullet and sort out the arrangements. Meeting with Mirjam today was like a breath of fresh air - her enthusiasm and "let's sort it" attitude was just great. Finally we got something arranged!! Starting from the 1st February, we will be having a local group to attend again which is going to be lovely. We will still go to other groups, but it's always nice to have the option of one so close that meets regularly. 2010 is starting off quite nicely :o)

I nearly forgot to add that Chelsea has been baking again, whilst I was cleaning the fridge, she was tempting the taste buds with aromas from this Coconut and Raisin Cake.

(Sorry about the poor picture quality - I should have waited until daylight)

300g Self Raising Flour
220g Butter
215g Caster Sugar
120g Dessicated Coconut
120g Raisins
Few drops of vanilla essence
3 eggs.

Cream together the butter and sugar.
Add the eggs and whisk.
Sift the flour and fold into the mixture.
Add the coconut, raisins and vanilla essence.
Bake in the oven for around 20 mins until cooked throughout.

Chelsea will soon have a brand spanking new cooker to bake with.  Oh I'm sooooooo excited.  It's black, it's shiny, it's just, well, I am just going to love it so much.  It's not exactly my *dream* cooker.  If money (and room!) was no object, then I would love to have an Aga or something along those lines.  For now though, for me, this is the next best thing and within our budget.  I am just so glad to be getting a new one.  The one we use at the moment is yucky. It's very old (third hand and old when we bought it in).  It is very small and compact, and only has one oven - not ideal when feeding 6, let alone when we have visitors to feed!) The handle on the oven door has come off completely so it's difficult to open, particularly when hot.  It is so old looking, that no matter how much you scrub it, it just never looks clean.  It doesn't exactly make cooking a pleasure or easy for that matter as the temperature control isn't exactly reliable, and it's whole look really dates the kitchen.   I know that I should be thankful that it works at all, and indeed I am, but I so long to have something newer and more economical to use.  This little beauty is going to come and live with us soon...

:o)  I can't wait!  The first cooker of our choice, in our almost 15 years of marriage.

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  1. Aaaaah, totally agree with you. We loved it too and Chelsea did a great job!! (is there any left for tomorrow??!?!??!?!?! *grin*)