Saturday, January 30, 2010

Going all Stepford Wife-ish…

I really don’t know what has come over me. 

I have never been the sort of person that enjoys cleaning, I’ve always only done enough to ensure that no-one feels we deserve a spot on “How Clean is your House”, but these past few days I have hardly stopped.

The kitchen is now fully cleaned – cupboards emptied, scrubbed, and rearranged, cooker scrubbed until sparkling, washing machine cleaned until it looks brand new, floors scrubbed on hands and knees, and various “gadgets” moved around to create a lot more worktop space for another of my new found loves – cooking!

We have an (almost organised) back room now for play and reading.  It can’t be completed until the roof is fixed as it leaks in terribly.  The downstairs room is on the way to being used as our Arts/Crafts base, (again, on hold for completion due to leaking roof!)  The dining room is looking larger again now that a few items of furniture have been removed to other parts of the house.  Chelsea’s bedroom is having an overhaul too, and although it means having a wardrobe on our landing which isn’t ideal, it will hopefully mean that the added space for her will help her to keep her room a little tidier.  Next on the list is our bedroom and the boys room.  I have gathered a few paint charts so we can get thinking about re-decorating and the colours I want to put where. 

Don’t gasp too loudly. Those that know me know that I have never been a huge fan of spending lots of time in the kitchen.  I have always tried to create healthy food with the minimum of fuss – just out of necessity.  I had a steady list of meals that just got used at random to create a little variety, and that was that.  Now (very much to my own astonishment),  I am actively seeking out new recipes and constantly on the look out for frugal healthy meals.  We’ve tried two new (to us) slow cooker meals this week, and will be trying another new meal tonight.  So what is going on?  Why am I coming over all perfect housewife?  It’s worrying, but I like it and I hope it continues… 

Today?  Oh, we are heading on out to the garden to make the most of the beautiful sunshine.  I know it’s freezing cold, but the work will keep us warm, I hope!


  1. Please tell us more about the slow cooking! Do you need special cooking gear for that?

    Mirjam :)

  2. Please send me a sample of what you are taking or tell my where to buy it!!!!

  3. I second that, I'd like to be overcome by anything that would make me get up off my butt and make me clean and tidy my house!

  4. Anonymous3:40 pm

    Hi Julia, I just found your blog! Very inspiring photography BTW. I felt I had to comment as I too am having a rather strange urge to clean and cook which is an alien feeling for me, but one I am starting to enjoy, it definitely gets the approval of my dh :)