Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Friendships Forming...

Today has been such a nice day.  One of those "can't stop grinning" sort of days.  After the palava that was yesterday (we had a burst water pipe - turning the kitchen into Niagra Falls, and a few other "stresses" that added up to a not-so-pleasant day), we needed today to be a good one, and it was :o)

The morning started with the children doing various activities.  Joseph typed up some work about the Aztecs, whilst the girls and I added to our Aztec lapbook (photos coming soon).  Callum played on the Wii in a rather energetic manner, chipping in with "What ya' doing?" remarks every so often.  He does like to know he isn't missing out on anything :o)

As we were busy the hours seemed to pass far too quickly, and after lunch it was time to head on over to meet our new "friends".  This was to be only our second "real life" meeting, and the first visit we have made to their house.  Armed with the address, rough knowledge of location, and our legs for walking - we soon found it and felt very welcome. 

The afternoon was spent chatting (lots of chatting!  So nice to have a home-educating family in the village!)  We ate delicious home-made cake, and the children spent their time on the playstation and chasing each other around giggling.  It was a very enjoyable way to spend the afternoon.

I took the lapbook with us to show Mirjam (at her request, not to show off!) and I hope it provided inspiration.  My girls certainly like it :o)

Lapbook Reading

Photos of the completed lapbook will be put here soon...


  1. I feel very privileged that you're writing about us like this :). I told my blogreaders (somewhere last week) that you were (hehehe) going to help me with my lapbook ;))))

    You are só good!! Can't wait until you show us your camerawork on that! ;)

  2. The lapbook looks great Julia. My daughter Lillie has just finished her first one & has since made a start on another :o)I should really be saying thanks to you for introducing a new activity into my home after spotting you had joined the F/B group. So thank you! xx

  3. I love the idea of lap books... I really must try one sometime. Where do you get your ideas from?

    *Stephanie (in Canada)