Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunny January...

"Wow, is it Summer now???" Tiegan exclaimed this morning when she opened her curtains.  That gives you an idea of just how bright the sunshine was.  Glorious, and such a welcome change from the dull and dreary, dark and damp days we have endured recently.
We all decided that it would be too much of a waste to spend such a day indoors, so we were soon out the door and into the car - heading off to Torquay.
We only had one thing on the shopping list - and that was feathers.  Not of the must pluck a bird variety, but the bright and colourful kids' craft type.  We needed them for our Aztec lapbook that is currently under construction. 
Once they had been located and bought (in the first shop we looked), we headed down the seafront so Callum could get his (seemingly) weekly dose of boat spotting.  It really was the most beautiful of days, and it was a pleasure to be out in the sunshine.  Blue skies overhead, birds calling, fish swimming at the surface, and the general happiness in the atmosphere as the warmth from the winter sun brought out the best in people.
I did of course take my camera and got a couple of snapshots - awww come on, don't groan, you'd have been disappointed if I didn't have any pictures to share!

A Sunny Winters Day - Torquay Harbour

A Sunny Winters Day - Torquay Harbour Bridge


We came home, full of the joys, and cooked a scrumptious Roast Chicken dinner followed by utterly delicious homemade trifle.

Mmmmmmm, trifle....


We have been having a lapbook frenzy in the household since Mirjam brought the subject up again :o)  Suddenly the children have got all enthusiastic about creating them again, so look out for pictures coming to this blog soon.  As a family we are doing one about the Aztecs, Tiegan wants to do one about Spiders, and Callum wants to do one about Dinosaurs.  The last I heard, Chelsea was going to do one about fashion through the ages, and Joseph is thinking about his - probably World War 2 (he isn't bored of that topic yet!)


  1. Anonymous1:42 pm

    Beautiful photos, Julia, you've got to make the most of lovely days!! I love the freedom that you and your family have to explore the topics that interest you, I wish my kids didn't want to go to school!!! I'm a home-educator waiting to get out!

  2. I love your kitchen wall colour !

    We have tried sort of lapbooking using glogster, but I think I am ready to do the hands on physical kind now I have got my head around the concept.

    I'm not feeling confident enough to go for it alone, do you have any recommendations for ones where you buy the content and layout instructions? There are so many to chose from on currclick that I go all cross-eyed with too much choice and run away LOL

    PS Please send the sun to Pavia, I am fed up with dark/foggy days. Feel like a mole that lives in a hole...

  3. Hey thanks for your kind comments, and being a follower. My husband was made redundant last year, set up his own firm and it's all going a bit pear shaped, so I know how difficult it is, especially when you have your children watching it all unfold. I hope it all goes well for you, and that things improve this year.
    Good luck

  4. Just catching up - your trifle looks delicious!