Wednesday, January 06, 2010

What's that white stuff?

It's not very often that we see the white stuff down here in Devon. Apart from the occasional fluttery splatterings on the high grounds of Dartmoor, we have had very little snow around the coastal parts in the 22 years or so of residing here.  Imagine the delight of the children when they woke up to see a blanket of snow covering the garden.  They went straight out and made the little fella at the top - his name is Mr White (courtesy of Callum).

It was obvious to see that not alot else was going to get done today.  The snow was far too distracting and with that sort of temptation at every window, I would have been fighting a losing battle (and be a very mean mummy!) if I suggested anything other than snow play.  We wrapped up warm in full winter clobber and headed for the hills with the dog.  I think here is where pictures really do speak a thousand words, so I shall leave them to it...
When all around you lose their heads...


Biting in so many ways


It's War


Porcelaine Skin

Job Done



  1. Anonymous2:54 am

    o hoh ohhh love those pics!

  2. Anonymous7:17 am

    Mr White is very cute, love his scarf!
    I see you had a lot of fun.
    We didnt have as much snow as you but my son's school was closed as most schools here, even today.
    Have a lovely day!
    Hugs xx

  3. Great pics! Your so talented Julia :o)