Thursday, February 04, 2010

Am I allowed to cry yet?

Hmm, only kidding - I'm still smiling :o)  I'd be smiling with an even bigger grin if my cooker had arrived, but hey ho - such is life.
It will be here tomorrow - it will, I have faith.
So today has been another one spent at home.  We have read lots of books, played with playdough, built towns out of Lego, investigated Earthquakes, researched various topics (read as Spiders, Human Body and Dinosaurs) for our lapbooks, looked longfully out of the window for the delivery guy (ok ok, that was just me so "we" is inappropriate there...), shouted ourselves hoarse at the silly parliamentary discussion regarding home-education (Go Graham Stuart, you are an absolute twinkling star!), and planned a few meals that don't need an oven, grill, nor hob...the motto "be prepared" springs to mind. 
Tomorrow we are obviously at home again, playing the waiting game.  I was hoping we would pop along to a home-ed meet up, but that's not going to happen now.  Ho hum. We will just have to complete the treasure trail by ourselves one day.    Hopefully the cooker will arrive and we can get back to some sort of normality (I know, a bit far-fetched to think that normality will ever be achieved in this household, but I like to pretend).  I want to introduce the children to statistics and pie charts for their maths work tomorrow - will have to see what they think.  I'm hoping to do some creative baking to illustrate the point, but we shall see if that is possible. 
Roll on Friday...


  1. hey hiya darlin , I've just gone black background on my blog too :)

    hope it arrives soon xx

  2. Anonymous2:41 am

    I am playing a waiting game too - was waiting for builder to come back to do some last little bits have been expecting him since Monday and he arrived this morning [Friday] - Now I'm waiting for Mr IT to come and install our new computer - he was meant to come this morning now it's 12:40 yep afternoon and still waiting...

  3. Anonymous1:50 pm

    Life is just a big long wait! I hope you get your cooker today.
    Hugs xx